Wishing Well

What is a Wishing Well?

Very often, what a couple wants most for their wedding is money. However, asking for cash can be awkward and no one likes the responsibility of looking after the cash box at a reception. A Wishing Well, also called a Cash Fund, gives you the opportunity to receive cash without sounding rude.

A Wishing Well, like the Gift Registry, is an easy way for your guests to give you cash gifts in a safe, secure online fund.

How it works

The most polite way to ask your guests for a cash contribution is to show them how their money will be used. From honeymoons to houses, we’ve created a list of popular “funds” which you can add to your wedding registry along with any traditional gifts. If you can’t find the funds you’re looking for, you can create your own.

As your guests begin contributing cash gifts to your Wishing Well, the funds will be automatically added to your Cash Funds account. You can view your balance at any time by clicking on your Cash Gift tab.

When you’re ready to collect the cash, simply close your Wishing Well account and we’ll send you a Prepaid Visa Card loaded with the combined total amount from all your different funds. The Prepaid Visa Card can be used like a debit card or you can withdraw your funds in cash at an ATM. (Daily withdrawal limits and ATM fees apply)

Cash Fund Fees

Setting up your Gift Registry or Wishing Well is free.

Gift contributors will incur a 2.95% transaction fee. For example, a $100 cash contribution will be charged to the contributor at $102.95.

A processing fee of 3.95% of the contributions applies for couples which will be deducted from your Cash Fund balance when your account is closed.


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