Travelling couple Danni and Chris celebrate destination wedding

Wedding: 18/08/2018

Posted by Roya | 6 October, 2018

When it came to planning their wedding, Danni and Chris felt it impossible to choose between their home countries.

Danni and Chris, now 29 and 30, first met in Dubai while working for Emirates. Hailing from opposite ends of the globe – Ireland and Hobart – this made it difficult to choose where to host their wedding.

“The Australians wanted it in Australia and the Irish wanted it in Ireland,” says the bride. First settling on Ireland, the pair changed their mind after carefully considering their dream wedding.

“The wedding in Ireland was not our dream wedding — it was the wedding we thought we should have. We cancelled it, thought about what we really wanted and decided on Thailand.”

Wedding plans were momentarily put on hold when Danni fell pregnant with the couple’s first child. Then, with baby in tow, on August 18, 2018 Danni and Chris celebrated their destination wedding with 50 guests from Ireland, the United Kingdom and Australia.

“We didn’t have a honeymoon,” Danni explains. “But it was amazing to be on a two-week vacation in Thailand with our friends and families.

“It really was like a fairy tale.”

Photos courtesy of Gina Smith Photography.

Danni and Chris exchanged rings purchased from Michael Hill Jeweller. 

Danni warns against planning based on pleasing and accommodating guests. “It’s easy to forget that your wedding should be about you as a couple.”

Danni and Chris advise future newlyweds to relax, take it all in and watch the planning come to life. “And EAT!” Danni laughs.

Video by Gina Smith Photography.

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Photos courtesy of Gina Smith Photography.