Spring sunset elopement wedding inspiration by Chantelle Stapleton Photography


Posted by Lucy | 29 December, 2018

Photographer Chantelle Stapleton set out to capture the intimacy, closeness and love couples share on the most magical day of their lives – their wedding day.

“Whether they wish to have a wedding with all the bells and whistles or an elopement, it is all about those precious moments the couple share when alone,” says Chantelle.

The soft light of a spring sunset at Kwinana Horse Beach in Western Australia provided the ideal setting. “As the sun set, it casted a beautiful warm glow over our couple and made for a serene background consisting of the long horizon of the ocean and sky, while from other angles you got to see the beautiful old mills that still run,” smiles Chantelle.

Lovely chestnut thoroughbred Bill was a central part of the shoot, representing the love couples share with their furry family members.

Photos courtesy of Chantelle Stapleton Photography.

“Including dogs, horses and even alpacas is becoming a popular trend in weddings, with many more people acknowledging their furry friends as family and wanting them as part of their special day,” Chantelle says.

Chantelle has been shooting weddings for just eight months, but her photos say otherwise.

A gorgeous brown Peacock chair featured prominently in the shoot.

“Everything really came together nicely for this shoot,” says Chantelle, “From the stunning jewelled crowns, to the amazing gown our model wore.”

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Photos courtesy of Chantelle Stapleton Photography.

Models: Imogen Dearlove; Christian Tomaszewski;

Horse: Bill from MF Eventing;