‘She radiated absolute perfection’: Groom recounts memories of elegant Bali wedding

Wedding: 29/09/2018

Posted by Lucy | 22 January, 2019

Patricia was nervous about walking down the aisle alone at her elegant Bail wedding. But when she laid eyes on Thomas and all their loved ones, her worries disappeared.

“We feel that our most favorite moment of the day, as cliche as it may seem, was the ceremony and her walking down the aisle,” explains Thomas. “For Patricia, it was the part that she was most worried about, especially entering and walking down by herself. But she says the moment she saw everybody there and me at the other end, all her concerns disappeared.”

For Thomas, his highlight was seeing the beautiful bride in her gown. “I could not contain myself and my emotions got the better of me and I started crying. She radiated absolute perfection; everything about her was pure grace and beauty.”

The pair married on September 29, 2018 with 47 guests at The Palm House Villa Canggu in Bali. “We wanted it to be more of a casual affair. Sure, weddings are generally a formal occasion, but that wasn’t really who we are,” recalls Thomas. “That is why we had plenty of different styles of seating, the large selection of food at the buffet tables, and an open-planned arrangement of the venue.”

Photos courtesy of Gold Hat Photography and BWedding Invitations.

The bride found her stunning gown at Perfect Day Bridal.

“What I love about her is her ambition and drive to want to travel as much as possible, her attention to detail, her capacity to love and capacity to sacrifice for others,” beams Thomas.

“We wanted our guests to be able to really let down their hair and do things their way on the night,” explains the groom.

“Ensure you take the time to pause and take it all in because unfortunately it’ll be over before you know it,” Thomas says.

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Photos courtesy of Gold Hat Photography and BWedding Invitations.