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Reflections: One photographer’s ‘obsession’ with black and white

Perth wedding photographer Peter Adams (of Memories of Tomorrow) recently introduced me to his distinct style of photography and, in particular, his fascination with combining black and white photography with reflections.

Peter says, “I love the depth of emotion which black and white draws out in a picture. There are no competing colours and feelings are amplified. There is a raw earthy quality to them which I love.”

Photographing reflections has become a “mild obsession” for Peter who adds, “I just really like the notion of a picture within a picture, a story within a story. After all, that’s what a wedding is all about – it’s about stories. Not just of the bride and groom, but also their families, friends and their past, present and future.

“Oh, and I also have a golden rule too,” he adds. “I only press the shutter button if I’m feeling something.”

That explains Peter’s byline, which reads, “Lend me your eyes and I’ll change what you see.”

Below is a small selection of his favourite reflective black and white wedding photos.

How clever some of them are. What do you think?


Taking the concept of seeing through someone else’s eyes, Peter photographs a bride getting ready for her big day, a scene reflected in the eyes of one of her flower girls.




“As time passing so fast is always on the bride’s mind on a wedding day, I couldn’t help but get this shot,” says Peter of the bride’s reflection in the clock.





Peter says, “I always keep a bottle of water or two handy on a shoot, not for drinking, though, but for making puddles, as shown here.”




“This photo shows a little girl watching her parents get married. If you look closely you can see the bride (her mum) in the reflection of her eyes,” explains Peter.




Look closely at the groom’s wedding band, you can see a reflection of the couple. “This is one of my hallmark shots,” says Peter.



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