On your bike for Carley & Chriss’ rustic wedding at Chapel Farm

Wedding: 28/09/2014

Posted by Lucy | 19 January, 2015

Dirt bike-loving Chriss Kounis could think of no better way of proposing to girlfriend Carley Holdman than through a motorbike.

“Chriss’s proposal was cheeky – just like him,” Carley, 27, remembers.

“He had called me to help him in the garage, and I was totally surprised to find a new dirt-bike in there! I walked off feeling slightly annoyed but my son convinced me to come back and see “Daddy’s new bike.” Back I went and found an engagement ring sitting on the seat and a very nervous Chriss waiting to propose.”

Of course she said yes and with Chriss, 32, began planning a rustic wedding with a Sunday-session vibe, all tied in with an orange theme that matched the dirt bike used in the proposal.

The Perth pair married on September 28, 2014, at Avon Ridge Estate, Brigadoon in WA’s Swan Valley in front of 93 friends and family.

The reception followed Chapel Farm, Middle Swan, which provided the casual and unique setting the couple was after.

Carley says after their special day the pair are happier than ever.

“After a bit of hard work to pull off a DIY orange dirt bike-inspired wedding  we are happily married with two gorgeous boys – Ryder and Tahj – a beautiful house and some pretty awesome wedding photos!”

Photos courtesy of Michelle Flynn Photography.



The couple first met 10 years ago at Toyota where Chriss worked. As a sentimental touch, Carley had a piece of the shirt Chriss wore that day sewn into her gown in the shape of a heart.





Mismatched bridesmaids gowns and glorious native bouquets kept with Carley’s carefully styled rustic theme.




The couple’s reception venue held special significance as it overlooks a block of land where they hope to one day build their dream home.



Carley managed to fit her wedding planning around training to become a commercial pilot and caring for the couple’s two boys.



While the train tracks made for some stunning photographs, it didn’t all go smoothly in what Carley describes it as “my golden moment of falling over on the rail tracks” – unfortunately not captured on camera!



“I spent months collected jars and bottles to line the long banquet tables at our reception,” Carley says of her DIY styling.

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