I’m dreaming of a… Hillary and Dev marry at English Christmas wedding

Wedding: 14/12/2018

Posted by Anna | 2 March, 2019

Coffs Harbour couple Hillary, 35, and Devindra, 38, fell in love in the UK winter, so it was only fitting they returned for an English Christmas wedding.

“As you can imagine Christmas is very different in the UK to an Australian Christmas, so we wanted to show that side to our guests travelling abroad,” explains Hillary. “It is of course cold, but there is also a very different feel in the air with Christmas carols, mulled wine and Christmas markets all setting the scene.”

The pair wed on December 14, 2018 with 90 guests with a ceremony at Our Lady and the English Martyrs, Cambridge Catholic Church, and reception at Swynford Manor, Six Mile Bottom. “We chose a couple of things to prioritise and tried to stick to the budget with the remaining items,” says the bride. “For me, the bus was important as I wanted to show overseas guests the London bus. It honestly made the day perfect.”

Photos courtesy of Will Fuller Photography.

“My mother died in July before the wedding so I wanted to wear the pearls which she gave me,” says Hillary.

“I didn’t want to mess about with flowers so I opted for a brooch bouquet,” smiles the bride.

“I picked this dress after discussing with my mum,” explains the bride. “I wanted her to be able to see me in the dress even though she couldn’t be there on the day.”

The pair were excited to show their Australian guests the charms a white Christmas had to offer.

“We completely forgot about the cake so we bought three cakes from the supermarket and a cake stand for them to be presented on,” laughs Hillary.

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Photos courtesy of Will Fuller Photography.