‘Freak show’: Rebecca and John embrace circus wedding fun

Wedding: 16/05/2015

Posted by Lucy | 10 November, 2015

“Dressed as a showgirl in a corset and hot pants, I married a clown.”

Welcome to the circus wedding of Rebeca Steele and Edward Dingey, aged 40 and 53 respectively, and the proud parents of two young children. After 10 years together and a New Year’s Eve engagement at the Western Australian Circus Festival, they decided to turn an event they were already organising into a literal circus for their special day.

“I was organising a vintage circus-themed party for my approaching 40th birthday which was to be held in a luxury home in Margaret River,” explains Rebecca. A quick change of plans and intention-to-marry submission meant a wild surprise for her 70 family and friends.

As Rebecca put so accurately, “dressed as a showgirl in a corset and hotpants, I married a clown. My son was the ringmaster, my daughter a clown doll. My wedding party was a freak show with a kissing booth for a photo booth and the colours were amazing.”

Alouarn Retreat in Western Australia was the location for the May 16, 2015 wedding. A small budget of $4,500. pulled off the extravagant affair — the only thing missing? “I would have booked myself a cleaner for the next day,” laughs Rebecca.

Photos courtesy of Michael Dempsey.

Rebecca_John_Circus-Wedding_013 Rebecca_John_Circus-Wedding_010
Rebecca_John_Circus-Wedding_015 Rebecca_John_Circus-Wedding_SBS_021

John proposed to Rebecca onstage at the Western Australian Circus Festival. “The video footage hit 3,500 views on Facebook!” says Rebecca.

Rebecca_John_Circus-Wedding_009 Rebecca_John_Circus-Wedding_SBS_013


Rebecca_John_Circus-Wedding_SBS_002 Rebecca_John_Circus-Wedding_SBS_005


The outrageous wedding outfits were found on eBay and Margaret River Fancy Dress.


Rebecca_John_Circus-Wedding_SBS_011 Rebecca_John_Circus-Wedding_SBS_009


Rebecca_John_Circus-Wedding_005 Rebecca_John_Circus-Wedding_021


Donna McClelland, the bride’s best friend and a wedding celebrant, married the couple.



For dinner? Hot dogs and popcorn of course!




A kissing booth, made by Rebecca’s dad, acted as the photobooth.

Video by Kelly Harwood Photography.

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