A Victorian steampunk wedding in Currency Creek, SA: Faith and Michael

Wedding: 24/10/2012

Posted by Rebecca | 5 August, 2013

As you can appreciate I see a lot of white in my job. So when a wedding such as Faith and Michael’s comes along, it doesn’t sit demurely in your inbox with back straight and ankles crossed. It hollers!

This Victorian-era steampunk wedding is a creation of alternative Adelaide Hills couple Faith Gerhard and Michael Krcmarov who are certainly not your average bride and groom. To begin with, let’s just say that the bride walked down the aisle to the sinister strains of the Jaws theme song. “I’m sure Michael didn’t know whether to run or hide!” jokes Faith.

For those new to the term ‘steampunk’, Faith explains: “The steampunk genre is colourful, risqué, oddly sophisticated and a little bit grungy – which is kind of how we see ourselves.”

Or, if you take a look at www.steampunk.com, it is described as “a sub-genre of science-fiction and fantasy that includes social or technological aspects of the 19th century (steam), usually with some rebellion against parts of it (punk).”

Victoriana author Jess Nevins puts it more simply: “Steampunk is what happens when goths discover brown.”

History lesson aside, you can only admire the unconventional beauty of this themed wedding and the extraordinary lengths that the couple took to make it real for their 54 guests at Kingsbrook Estate in Currency Creek, SA.

From the amazingly authentic period costumes to the well-considered floral arrangements and the creative photography, Faith and Michael had a unique vision and “designed and co-ordinated every aspect of our wedding together without argument or discord,” says the bride.

She adds, “We have both lived lives far too colourful to constrain ourselves to the traditional palate.” I wish I knew what that meant but it’s probably for the best that I don’t.

Congratulations Faith and Michael and thanks for livening up my inbox.

Photos courtesy of B Captured by Ky Luu.




Faith and Michael’s steampunk costumes were a creation of alternative Sydney couturiers, Gallery Serpentine, who crafted the period outfits using beautiful embroidered silk that Faith found online.




Florist Maria Vozzo of White Arum “threw herself into our theme and actively researched Victorian era flowers in an attempt to give our bouquets an authentic look while still being wonderfully creative,” praises the bride.







Celebrant Mark Bassett wed the unconventional couple in a civil ceremony at Kingsbrook Estate. “Poor chap didn’t know what hit him,” laughs Faith. “But he rallied impressively.”





Faith tells, “When we began discussing the potentials for a venue we decided that while we wanted a tasteful location we did not want it to be overly mainstream. We quickly settled on Kingsbrook. It’s simple French provincial charm and lush rural setting complemented and enhanced our theme.”








B Captured by Ky Luu was the couple’s choice for a “creative and bold” photographer. “When it came to photography we wanted something moody and dark while still reflecting the innovation derived from our colourful ensembles,” explains Faith. “Ky’s work seemed to fit the bill in every respect.”




“Never was there a cake designer more enthusiastic about a project!” recalls Faith. “Sugarush Cakes delivered a stunning five-tier offset steampunk wedding cake in shades of duck egg blue and olive green, adorned with metallic cogs, buttons and deep purple roses. Flavours were deliciously rich sticky date, Baci and jaffa. We also had cake topper miniatures made of us in our finery by 3DMiniMe.





Faith sums up the experience with one final tip: “Be bold. For most, there is at least 12 solid months of shopping to look forward to for a single day’s theatre. Why not enjoy the experience and err however slightly on the side of unconventional?

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