Chloe and Jye’s elegant golf club wedding is uniquely them

Wedding: 04/05/2019

Posted by | 6 February, 2020

Chloe and Jye’s priority when planning their elegant golf club wedding was that should truly reflect them and their lifestyle.

“We have Magpies as wild pets and live in a beach shack which we are slowly renovating. We wanted our wedding to reflect our lifestyle – a big wedding without skimping on food, alcohol and celebrations, most importantly the honeymoon!” explains the bride.

Friends and family played a big part in making the wedding come together – with a friend styling Chloe’s wedding hair and another friend making the couple’s wedding cake.

The Perth pair, aged 26 and 29, officiated their commitment to each other in an outdoor ceremony on May 4, 2019, with 100 of their closest and dearest before proceeding to The Cut golf club for their elegant wedding.

The bride advises couples planning their weddings not to follow trends and be fixated on the small things because they will not matter in a month’s time.

“We did it 100% the way we wanted.”

Photos courtesy of Trish Woodford Photography.

The bridesmaids wore stunning cranberry dresses that can be worn in multiple styles from The Gown House. How clever!

The pair sealed the deal with rings from Michael Hill Jeweller.

“We loved Trish, she’s such a warm and welcoming woman that makes you feel comfortable!” praises Chloe of her wedding photographer Trish Woodford Photography.

The newlyweds met when Chloe knocked on Jye’s door when she was 18 years old and going clubbing with his sister.

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Photos courtesy of Trish Woodford Photography.