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Updated on: September 22, 2017

In the wedding industry, you need a high-performing website! You need a website design that can convert your visitors, something that is functional and logical for your users. In the wedding industry, our target market is 80% millennials, 20% other groups. These are people who are digital natives! They are extremely tech-savvy. Here’s why you need a high performing website and how to convert your users:

Designer drawing website development.

So, what’s important in your website design?

  • Mobile first
  • Quick loading
  • Easy to navigate
  • Easy to find contact info
  • Visually rich (less text and more rich media)


The imagery is the most important thing, you need to ensure that there is enough imagery to give the couple an idea of what you can create for them on their wedding day. The images need to be aspirational and experiential. You can’t have too many images.


  • Look at your current analytics
  • More pages = more exits
  • The gallery is the second most popular page – how often do you update yours?
  • Do you get your message across quickly?
  • Do you have a contact page?
  • Is the contact page easy to get to?


74% of users say they are more likely to re-visit a site if it’s mobile first! Australian couples use their phone 45% if the time, a tablet 20% of the time and a desktop 35% of the time. On Easy Weddings our users are on mobile devices as much as 65% of the time. 

testing responsive design with smartphone

What are consumers looking for?

Millennials are looking for a site with quick load times, ease of use and something that is easily scrollable, like a Facebook newsfeed! Long pages convert better.

Remember that weddings are visual, this is their dream day, and they want to see how you can make their dream come true. 

Want to improve your website? We build websites specifically for the wedding industry. Enquire here. 

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