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Updated on: July 10, 2018

Have you ever wondered where your business fits in the buying cycle? We’ve analysed the data on how many months prior to the wedding couples tend to book each of these categories on Easy Weddings.

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Brighton Savoy – Weddings

Wedding Venues:

Couples choose to book in their venues an average of 13 months prior to their wedding date, or to be more precise, 387 days.

Marriage Celebrants:

Couples opt to book their marriage celebrant in about 8 months before they say ‘I do’, or an average of 255 to be more exact.

Wedding Cars/Transport:

Couples are booking in their transport about 7 months prior to the wedding day, or about 218 days before their wedding.

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A Special Occasion – Rolls Royce Hire

Hair and Makeup:

Australian couples are choosing to book in their wedding hair and makeup artists about 198 days before their wedding, an average of 198 days.


Couples are opting to book their photographer about 9 months prior to their wedding day, with an average of 280 days.

Wedding Music:

There is an average of 242 days or 8 months between a couple booking their wedding music, whether it be a DJ, Band or Solo musician.

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Craig Francis Music

Wedding flowers:

Couples are typically choosing their florist around 8 months prior to their wedding day, with an average of 231 days in between.

Wedding cake:

Couples generally feel the pressure to sort out their wedding cake about 7 months before they get married, with an average of 201 days.


Couples tend to book in their videographer just after they book their photographer, with an average of 262 days before their wedding day (9 months).

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Libra Photography and Videos

Photo Booth:

It’s about 7 months prior to the wedding (an average of 220 days) when the couple usually wonders if they want a form of entertainment and should take the opportunity to get a PhotoBooth!


About 8 months or 234 days before the wedding is when most couples start to think about how they will decorate their space.


A few months after booking their venue, couples start to think about their catering and how they will go about feeding their guests, thinking about canapes, cocktails, grazing tables and food trucks and finding the right suppliers for their celebration.

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Fabulous Catering

Wedding Dresses:

About 9 months before the big day, most brides opt to go shopping for their ideal wedding gown, with an average of 270 days to spare before they get married.

Wedding Invitations:

Couples are choosing their stationery providers about 9 months before walking down the aisle, with an average of 261 days before the weddings, which is plenty of time to organise save the dates, wording on invitations, collect addresses and more.


Couples typically leave bomboniere choices to about 7 months before the wedding, with an average of 222 days in between finding their bomboniere supplier and getting married.

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Kelly Beans Bomboniere

Wedding Hire:

Couples usually organise their wedding hire suppliers not long after securing their venue, with an average of 10 months or 309 days.

Wedding Planners:

Couples usually choose their wedding planner about 12 months (or 349 days) before their wedding, usually just after choosing their venue when they decide they want a little support with pulling their wedding together!

Hens Nights and Bucks Parties:

Couples are usually opting to organise their Hens/Bucks/Hucks parties about 5 months (153 days) prior to the wedding to avoid the rush of planning their big day.

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Honour With Fete – Pop Up Picnics

Formal Wear:

Grooms and groomsmen tend to get their outfits sorted about 152 days before the wedding or about 5 months beforehand.


Couples are planning their accommodation about 14 months before their wedding or an average of 411 days.

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Stamford Plaza Brisbane

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