Wedding venues and snapchat geofilters are a match made in heaven

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Updated on: December 4, 2018

To understand why your wedding venue can benefit from Snapchat geofilters, firstly you need to know what exactly a geofilter IS!

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A geofilter on Snapchat is like a virtual fence that surrounds a venue or area. After a user takes a photo using Snapchat, they’re able to add effects and filters to the image, including geofilters. They don’t need to be downloaded or paid for, they are right there on the Snapchat platform ready to be used.

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All users have to do to access a geofilter is to have location services enabled on their phone.

Self serve geofilters were introduced to the platform last year, meaning that users can create and upload their very own geofilter in a certain area. Besides Snapchat Ads, this is a great income stream for Snapchat, but it’s also very cost effective for users. A snapchat filter for my wedding venue for example, set me back just $15!

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If you work for or own a wedding venue, bar or establishment, it’s a no brainer really! Particularly during events like weddings, if your couple is in their 20s – setting up a snapchat geofilter with your branding on it is a really small price to pay for all of that exposure.

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This works particularly well for bigger weddings – as the more guests, the more likely your filter will be used and shared to the networks of snapchat friends of all of the guests.

You can always have a sign or have the MC mention the geofilter if the couple allows.

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All you need to do to set up a snapchat geofilter is go to your snapchat settings, select “Filters or Lenses”, then follow the prompts to create your very own Geofilter. You can edit the text to include your venue name, change the location and times it will be active on the platform.

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It’s lovely to go one step further and include the couple’s name on the filter as well as the venue name, for example:
“Lucy + Aaron

The Little Church at Spring Hill”

After your filter is no longer active, you can view the analytics including how many people saw the filter and how many users took photos or videos and applied the filter.

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