The pros and cons of wedding brochures

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Updated on: October 15, 2019

Wedding brochures can be an important asset to your business. But are you using yours to its maximum potential? Or could it be doing more harm than good?

It’s true that engaged couples will often want to ask about prices or packages before booking you for a wedding. A wedding brochure can help give them the lay of the land more than your website or storefront can. This doesn’t just give them more information but can also make enquiries more qualified.

The challenge with a brochure is what you do or don’t include. You want to strike that perfect balance between adding value or directing a couple away from an enquiry.

Here are some of the pros or cons of wedding brochures to help you find that balance. Take a look at what your brochure includes to see whether it’s working for your business.

wedding brochures

Pro: Providing more value and information

Wedding brochures are a particularly useful tool for venues. They give you more space to add more information about your business without taking up valuable real estate on your website or storefront. They can be a useful tool to add extra value for couples if they are searching for that information. Or they can be useful to send through when an enquiry is made so those couples who really want to book with you can find out more from you.

Details to include in your wedding brochure could be the different spaces you have available and the capacity of each of them. This could help eliminate unqualified enquiries like a couple who wants a 150-guest wedding when you only have space for 80.

Con: Providing too much information

Unfortunately, brochures can allow us to become complacent in responding to those details. Rather than finding out how we can make a day more unique to a couple, it’s easy to send a brochure that gives them information without us needing to write it all out. This may be simpler in the long run but will reduce your conversion rate.

The trick is that it can be hard to strike the right balance of what information you’re giving away. If you are receiving an email enquiry asking for more information this is a better opportunity to strike up a conversation with a couple rather than give them a brochure and leaving them to their own devices.

The other downfall is that if you are providing that extra information in a brochure you’re not giving yourself the opportunity to tell the couple about the value of those details. Going into details such as per-plate, per-platter or even per-package costs reduces the need for the couple to get back in touch with you.

Remember, the end goal isn’t to send them your brochure. It’s to have a conversation with them so that you can encourage them to book with you.

wedding brochures

Pro: They can increase enquiries

That said, your wedding brochure could increase the number of enquiries you have coming through to your website or storefront. Giving that extra bit of information that isn’t already available elsewhere is a great way to make your leads more qualified.

A good way of working out what information to add is to see what questions your couples are asking when they book or enquire with you. You want to make sure you can answer those questions to an extent, while also encouraging them to enquire and have a further conversation with you.

Don’t forget to put a call-to-action in your wedding brochure!

Con: But their conversion is harder to measure

The trouble is that it can be tricky to track the enquiries that do come through as a result of your wedding brochure. You can track how many people have downloaded a PDF from your website but then you can’t track whether they’ve clicked through to enquire, call, or send an email from there.

The only way you can do this is if you set up a tracking link in your brochure, but even then couples will need a specific platform to be able to view it.

wedding brochures

So how do you decide?

If you’re still torn by whether or not you need a wedding brochure to add to your enquiries, ask yourself the following questions:

Is there enough information on my website/storefront?

If you need to give more information to a couple that you simply can’t fit on your website or storefront, then a wedding brochure might be for your business. If this is the case, design something that is in line with your branding and visually appealing. This can be a great opportunity to showcase more images of your product or services.

Remember, you want to make sure a couple has enough information to enquire with you, and that’s it. If you already have all of this available outside of a brochure then you probably don’t need to add a brochure as well.

Is the brochure making a difference to my enquiry rate?

Once you have a brochure it’s time to see whether it’s making a difference to your enquiry or conversion rate. It doesn’t matter if you’re sending it through to couples via email when they enquire or have it on your website, test whether it’s working.

Look at the number of enquiries you do or don’t receive with a brochure. Test sending it out via email to different couples to see which ones are more likely to convert.

If your brochure is increasing your enquiry or conversion rate then keep it. If not, it’s time for a revamp or to get rid of it altogether.

wedding brochures

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