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Updated on: July 21, 2017

We pride ourselves on being the number #1 wedding website in Australia and having over 195,000 verified reviews.

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The beauty of our review system is that our reviews are incentivized with a rewards program, meaning that couples get access to exclusive deals for submitting reviews about your business- and all of the reviews are verified because we know how important your image is- it’s how potential clients perceive you and impacts their buying choices.

We require a minimum of 5 suppliers to be reviewed by each reviewer-  this is part of our security process to ensure that the person making the review has actually used the service. And to ensure that we are getting our suppliers as many reviews as possible, we provide access to exclusive deals when 5 reviews have been made.

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We appreciate that not all people want to make 5 reviews- but this is a necessary step to ensure that all reviews are legitimate. The reviews are always by a REAL person who has used your service.

In recent times, several brands have come under fire for not having verified reviews, like for example, TripAdvisor. The popular travel website had a cafe owner livid after she realised that the reviewer never set foot in her cafe, called Café Invigor8. She has scoured security footage and is upset that despite never entering her store, she is now left with a dishonest review.

But due to these reviews having no verification process- these reviews remained on the site.

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All reviews on Easy Weddings are moderated and security checked via our stringent system for validity and accuracy with the reviewers first name and initial so that you can check it to your records. If you would like to dispute the review, you can do this from WedCRM. We recommend responding to as many reviews as possible- even the negative or neutral ones.

At current, the average star rating of a review on Easy Weddings is 4.78! We recommend asking every couple that you WOW with your service for a review to ensure your storefront is current and couples feel more inclined to enlist your help on their wedding day.

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 See our review section here.

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