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  • Ever wondered why the bride and groom's families sit on opposite sides at a wedding ceremony? Because, in days when marriages were arranged to unite warring houses, families had to be separated to avoid potential bloodshed!
  • According to Guiness World Records, the longest engagement was between Mexican couple Octavio Guillan and Adriana Martinez. They finally married in June 1969, both aged 82, after a whopping 67-year engagement.
  • Online marketing: As clear as mud?

    Every year, we receive hundreds of questions from small businesses in the wedding industry about online marketing and how best to use it to grow. It’s why we started this Pro Education newsletter.

    However, of all the questions we receive, the three below are amongst our most popular: How do I sell my products and services?; What images can and can’t I use online?; and How should I respond to online reviews?

    All three are incredibly complex topics, but we’ve attempted to provide answers below.

    If you have questions about marketing, social media or other topics that could help your business grow, feel free to email them to us, and we’ll try to address them in future editions.

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