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  • 76.6% of couples live together before marriage
  • In 2013, 55.1% of couples married were both born in Australia, 31.6% were born in different countries, and 13.2% were born in the same overseas country
  • 94% of brides-to-be consult a wedding website when researching their big day
  • 87.5% of couples will not have a destination wedding
  • 39% of couples say starting a family is their main priority after marrying
  • Were you affected by ‘Mobilegeddon’?

    April 21. It’s the day business owners across the globe were dreading thanks to the looming Google algorithm changes which were to penalise websites that, among other things, weren’t mobile friendly.

    Thankfully, Google gave us enough notice that many millions of businesses were able to prepare for the changes, so they avoided what was being dubbed ‘Mobilegeddon’. However, not everyone was able to ready themselves in time and, for them, we’ve put together a handy guide to what they can do post-April 21 to get their sites updated in accordance with Google’s sweeping changes.

    Were you affected by Mobilegeddon? Let us know.

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