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  • Traditionally, brides tore off slivers off their wedding gowns and gave them to guests as tokens of good luck. This led to the modern-day custom of throwing the garter to single male guests, and tossing the bouquet to all the single ladies in the audience.
  • Before literacy was widespread in England, a couple's nuptials were announced via "bidders," men who shouted out the wedding details in public streets.
  • Beware of questionable social media numbers…

    This month, we’ve received many questions around the buying of fake social media Fans, Likes and Followers.

    In particular, we’ve had questions about businesses who target wedding suppliers, asking them to pay for advertising on these artificially boosted social media page.

    So, we’ve answered these questions, and explained some of the other questionable tactics being used, in the article Don’t fake it until you make it: Why you should NEVER buy social media followers.

    We’ve also weighed up the pros and cons of using video in your small business and explained, as simply as possible, what UTM codes are and how you can use them in your email campaigns.

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