The key to making every couple feel special

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Updated on: May 10, 2018

As wedding suppliers, it’s our job to help make a couples day feel extra special. And while every couple might want a dream wedding with all the bells and whistles, the reality is that not all couples will be able to achieve this.

But what we need to remember is that this doesn’t make the day any less special for the couple involved. At the end of the day, they’re marrying the person they love and that wedding is going to be just as special as their dream wedding would have been.

So as suppliers, it’s our job to make sure we help them achieve that special day, whatever they’re spending with us.

making couples feel special
I Do Creative Ceremonies – Geoff Mazlin

Remember that every couple is unique and amazing

I’ve been a celebrant for many years have officiated almost 1000 ceremonies. Because of that, I’ve also experienced so many different and creative options that make a couples day perfect for them.

Very early on in my celebrant career, I realised that even the most basic ceremony is equally as important as one where tens of thousands of dollars are spent simply on flowers, fancy cars or five-star venues.

To me, a backyard ceremony with just close family and a simple BBQ is just as important to the couple who may have chosen this type of wedding because of different circumstances, whether they’re financial, social or behavioural where the stress of standing in front of too many people makes them want a more intimate ceremony.

Remembering that every couple and their love story is as unique and amazing as the one before it can help us as suppliers treat them with the same respect and caring as we would anyone else.

making couples feel special
I Do Creative Ceremonies – Geoff Mazlin

Make the couple feel like their day is important to you

I’ve found that many couples might say that they want something short and basic for their wedding ceremony, but in reality, this is very seldom the case. I always put as much effort into writing a really personal and intimate ceremony for four people as I do for a ceremony with 200 guests.

Many bookings I have received for very small and elegant ceremonies, whilst there were only a handful of guests, have included people from many diverse backgrounds and demographics. And every time they have loved the genuineness of the ceremony and the heartfelt delivery of it.

In every instance, the feedback from couples at all levels has been extremely rewarding. Often they’ve gone on to renew their vows with the bells and whistles when their circumstances have changed.

At the end of the day, the ceremony and the wedding isn’t about what we get out of it. It’s about what the couple takes home with them. So making them feel like you really do care will help make their day feel even more special, and also mean they’re more likely to come back to you if they do renew their vows.

making couples feel special
I Do Creative Ceremonies – Geoff Mazlin

Be prepared to think outside the box

These days everyone wants their ceremony to be unique in some way, whether it’s through a theme or a ritual that involves family, friends and guests. Researching a lot, writing special words and phrases, and being prepared to step outside your comfort zone will also help make you and your business seem even more unique as well. Make sure you’re sharing these days with your potential couples through your website, storefront and social media channels as well.

I’ve been Darth Vader and married Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker with their guests dressed as characters from a galaxy far far away. I’ve been a navy captain marrying couples on cruise ships and large boats on the river, as well as a Buddhist priest in gold robes, and a Celtic priest in white robes for medieval ceremonies.

Being able to discuss these options with my couples and showing enthusiasm for what they want out of their day certainly works for my business. And on the plus side, it’s a little bit of fun as well.

If we all treat our couples as real people who have the same dreams and ambitions as everyone else, then I know you will find true happiness in what you do.

making couples feel special
I Do Creative Ceremonies – Geoff Mazlin

Geoff Mazlin is a celebrant in Queensland and runs I Do Creative Ceremonies.

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