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Updated on: August 25, 2016

We now refer to your business profile as your Storefront. It looks amazing, is mobile-friendly and designed to generate additional enquiries for your business.

New Features

Your Storefront has been designed like an 8-page website, so that, even if you decide not to have your own (although, we highly recommend you do and can help you build it), your Easy Weddings’ Storefront has everything you need to connect with couples and generate business. It contains individual tabs to display different types of content, and includes new features that promote your best work, demonstrate your expertise, and build a strong brand presence. These new features were added with one goal in mind: to drive more leads and enquiries right on your Storefront.

Links to Facebook and other social media

We want couples who visit your Storefront to be highly engaged and have minimal distractions so they are focused on submitting an enquiry. Our insights show that traffic from social media like Facebook, typically, has a low conversion rate. For this reason, we removed the badges and links to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, etc) and created new features that funnel users towards the enquiry form.

Hero image

Similar to a Facebook timeline cover, your hero image appears prominently in your Storefront and is the perfect way to make a great first impression. You can upload up to four hero images which are displayed full-width – it’s the best place to show off your best work.

Haven’t yet uploaded hero images? Log-in to Client Admin:

1. Under “Advertisement”, click “edit images”.

2. Upload up to four of your best images under “Hero”.

Real Weddings

If you’re featured in Real Weddings, stories will be shown on this tab.

Question & Answer

In this section, couples may post pre-sale questions that are specific to your product or service without committing to a booking or consultation. This page also displays a history of all your Q&As. You can make some questions private, if need be.

Expert Advice

This new section allows brides to seek expert opinion, advice or helpful tips on any aspect of wedding planning, and get quick answers from experts on Easy Weddings. Questions may include recommendations on the best flowers for an autumn wedding, a selection of classic wedding songs, grazing menu ideas, or the latest trends in wedding dresses. Suppliers that respond will have their responses displayed on this page.

Read more about Expert Advice >>

Additional information for venues

If you’re a venue supplier, your Storefront includes detailed information including pricing, seating capacity, inhouse catering and other information couples maybe looking for from a venue supplier. For you, this means a highly qualified lead.

If you haven’t yet provided these details, log-in to Client Admin:

1. Under “Advertisement”, click “edit advertisement details”

2. Click the “Venue” tab and fill out the required information.

3. Click “update” when done.

Special Offer

With a focus on generating more bride enquiries, suppliers can add a Special Offer to their Storefront at no additional cost.

You have the choice to offer Easy Weddings’ brides the following: No Offer, 2%, 3%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%.

To add a Special Offer, log-in to Client Admin:

1. Under “Advertisement”, click “Edit Advertisement”.

2. Located at the bottom of the page, select your Special Offer and click “Update”.

Sticky enquiry form

The new enquiry form is omnipresent and accessible. It follows users while they scroll down the page, meaning, no matter where users are on your Storefront, they can easily submit an enquiry.

Take a quick tour

Below is a screenshot of the new Storefront. Hover over any part of the image and click on the coloured buttons that appear.

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