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Updated on: September 20, 2018

It’s a billion dollar industry that has taken China by storm, and now it’s making its way slowly into other parts of the world. Pre-wedding photography might still sound like a gimmicky trend, but it’s quickly becoming a larger market for Australian suppliers.

china love premiere

Enter China Love, a documentary exploring the lives of Chinese and Chinese-Australian couples as they go through the processes of pre-wedding photographs. This isn’t just the typical engagement photo shoot that we see here in Australia. Pre-wedding photography in China can include different locations, outfit changes and poses, all designed to give couples a wedding album like no other.

china love premiere

Having your photos taken before your wedding has some advantages for a few reasons, according to Allen Shi. The ‘godfather’ of China’s $80 billion pre-wedding photography industry says it gives couples more time to spend on their big day without the additional stresses of getting the perfect images. This includes not having to worry about not getting the right shots, or whether your makeup is going to run on the day.

china love premiere

China Love looks set to be an interesting snapshot into China’s industry, how it’s booming, how Chinese couples are preparing for their day, as well as how the industry looks set to expand into other countries and cultures. Australian photographer and director Olivia Martin-McGuire has spent the past four years as a freelancer in China and has now worked with the Australian Government and Screen Australia (among others) to bring the film to life and help educate the Australian wedding market more on this overseas trend.

china love premiere

Easy Weddings is helping to host the premiere screenings of China Love in Sydney and Melbourne on September 24 and 26 respectively. Other screenings of the film are also popping up around the country, but the best part is that anyone can be a host for any location.

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View the trailer for China Love below.

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