5 reasons to listen to wedding sales expert Alan Berg

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Updated on: May 9, 2019

With more than 20 years’ experience in wedding and event-related sales and marketing, Alan Berg is known as THE North American leading expert on the business of weddings and events.

As a highly regarded industry expert in all aspects of marketing, Alan’s knowledge and expertise can help practically any wedding business move to the next level.

After publishing two wedding magazines, Alan spent 11 years at The Knot, most of them as Vice President, overseeing the sales, education and training of the local sales team and local wedding professionals around the country. He now serves as a Contribution Education Guru to WeddingWire, the leading wedding technology company in the US.

Alan is uniquely qualified to help you achieve success in your wedding and events business. He is the author of popular books ‘If your website was an employee would you fire it?’ and ‘Your Attitude for Success’, as well as the mini-book ‘Don’t Paint The House.’

alan berg australia

What will he be presenting at Easy Weddings Evolve?

Alan will teach you the importance of shutting up to sell more in this presentation based on his popular book ‘Shut Up and Sell More Weddings & Events’. He’ll show you how to ask better questions and really listen to the answers, which will actually help you sell more in less time.

We’re delighted to be welcoming Alan from the US for Evolve in June, and highly recommend preparing yourself to be educated in what Alan calls the “wonderful world of weddings.”

alan berg australia
Alan Berg presenting at the WeddingMBA in Las Vegas, 2018

5 reasons to see Alan Berg in action

Listen to insights from the future of weddings

The US wedding market is five years ahead of the Australian market. With his experience in the US and talent to tailor any piece of information for the right audience, Alan will bring future insights from the US wedding industry to the Australian market. His advice will help you get ahead of the crowd and prepare yourself for further growth in the Australian wedding industry.

Hear about why they won’t call you

Life would be so much easier if a couple just picked up the phone and called you, right? But millennials are adverse to talking on the phone, so Alan will walk you through the ins and outs of communicating with couples today; from having a real conversation via email or text to handling price enquiries. After all, you’ve always had to adapt to how couples are planning their weddings, and this area is no different.

alan berg australia

Learn how to deal with the question of “how much”?

Asking about price is a natural part of the buying process, and more than 80% of couples want an indication of the price before they enquire with a supplier. So no matter what your service or product is, or where you’re priced, learning how to properly answer this question is crucial to your business success.

Alan will teach you how to approach this question with confidence, whether it’s over email or on your website, as well as how you can make your potential couples consider value over price.

Get an idea or whether you should discount or negotiate

To begin with, they’re not the same thing. There are a lot of different ways that you can offer incentives to couples, the question is whether you should. Alan will help you understand whether you should offer incentives, the difference between price and value, and how you can preserve the value of your services regardless of the price point.

It’s the first time he’s in Australia!

Alan has presented in more than 13 countries to more than 10,000 businesses, but this is his first trip to Australia! Alan is all about learning how to work smarter and not harder and saving yourself the time and effort of heading overseas to see Alan present in our very own backyard instead is a smart move!

Time is running out to see Alan Berg present at Easy Weddings Evolve. Buy tickets online here.

alan berg australia
Buy tickets to see Alan Berg in Australia here

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