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Updated on: May 11, 2018

Are you struggling with content for your blog, Instagram and Facebook? We’ve decided to create a 30-day wedding industry-specific content plan to inspire you to create some content each day for a month on these platforms. Use #EWcontentchallenge so we can find your posts on Instagram and Facebook.

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Day 1: Share a review from a recent couple.

Day 2: Favourite wedding trend.

Day 3: Your own wedding or a friends wedding.

Day 4: Tell us about yourself.

Day 5: Share a promotion you’re running.

Day 6: Recommend another supplier you admire in the same field

Day 7: Share why you got into the wedding industry

Day 8: Share one of your favourite real weddings .

Day 9: Make a video!

Day 10: Share a quote.

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Day 11: Create a poll on Instagram Stories or Facebook.

Day 12: How did you start your day?

Day 13: Share WHY you do what you do.

Day 14: Show us your workspace or office, behind the scenes.

Day 15: Who is your mentor? Is it a colleague, a friend or family member?

Day 16: Share a passion of yours, unrelated to weddings.

Day 17: Show something beautiful.

Day 18: Recommend another supplier in a different field. Share the love!

Day 19: Share the best wedding advice you have for couples when planning their wedding.

Day 20: Share your favourite part of the wedding day. Is it the vows, the first dance?

Groom Reading Vows for Wedding

Day 21: Share the story of your business from beginning to end.

Day 22: Share someone else’s content, whether it be an image, a blog or a quote. Always credit them, of course.

Day 23: Share your most recent real wedding.

Day 24: Create a video with a video creating tool (like Animoto) or shoot your own.

Day 25: Do a Facebook or Instagram Live and share what you are working on.

Day 26: Share the answers to one of the most commonly asked questions you have from couples.

Day 27: Make a stop motion with Instagram Stories.

Day 28: Tell your audience you are going live in two days and tell them the time and date so they can tune in or send you questions in advance.

Day 29: Create a Boomerang on Instagram.

Day 30: Go LIVE to FB or Instagram and do a Q + A!


We can’t wait to see your posts. Don’t forget to add #EWcontentchallenge to your posts.

So there you have it, 30 days of content ideas for your blog or social media. For more social media tips, click here. 

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