Kamesburgh Gardens, Brighton

Kamesburgh Gardens, Brighton

78 North Road, Brighton, VIC



Bayside City Council
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Located at the Hampton end of North Road, this Victorian mansion in Kamesburgh Gardens is one of Melbourne’s most significant properties. With its many photographic opportunities among the lush gardens and beside the sandstone mansion, this location is one of Bayside’s most sought-after for garden wedding ceremonies.

While the venue is located on a main road, the area is semi-secluded by the roadways and tall trees. With an open-plan landscape, and giant lawns, there is little shade within the grounds. Because of this, shading structures and umbrellas are recommended during the warmer months.

The fountain, the patio, and the grand entrance to the mansion are popular locations with photographers, so permission must be granted before their use.

While bridal vehicles are permitted to enter the grounds, there is an abundance of parking along the North Road Stretch. Gate keys are required to access the grounds after hours — which will be provided by the Bayside City Council after receiving a security bond.