Baha’i Temple

Bahai Temple

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Address: 173 Mona Vale Road, Ingleside, Ingleside, 2101, NSW



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Though reserved for private prayer and meditation only, the Baha’i Temple offers wedding ceremonies outside but still within the Temple grounds. Prayers can be arranged for within the Temple before or after the ceremony.

Weddings hosted at the Baha’i Temple must be Baha’i weddings — regardless of whether or not the couple are Baha’i. The marriage must be officiated by a legally authorised celebrant.

The requirements for a Baha’i marriage ceremony include:

  • Parental consent: according to Baha’i tradition, the marriage of a couple should result in the joining of their respective families. To facilitate their love and support, and out of respect, the couple must obtain consent to marry from their natural parents.
  • Witnesses: two people will be appointed as witnesses to the Baha’i marriage.
  • Pledge or vows: the Baha’i marriage vow, said individually by the bride and groom in the presence of the witnesses, is: “We will all, verily, abide by the will of God”.

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