Why people say not to spend money on a wedding videographer, and why you should consider it anyway

If you’re getting married and money is tight, then obviously it makes sense to look at areas where you can cut costs, save, or attempt to DIY. You may consider ditching the wedding videographer in favour of other elements. Here’s why people may suggest that and why you should still consider hiring one.

Arguments against hiring a videographer:

“You only need photos”

Photography is amazing and very important to a wedding. But you’re missing the words of the vows, the jokes of the speech and the movement of the dancefloor. It’s just as important but simply not the same.

To be able to view your wedding in a highlight reel in a few minutes is quite simply, magic.

We spoke to Marcus at Marcus Rusbourne Media, and he said, “I’ve always found it interesting that wedding photography is typically at the top of couples’ lists when booking suppliers for their day, while video is seen as more of a luxury add-on — or perhaps somewhere to allocate any remaining budget.”

Hiring a videographer is definitely an investment, and should be regarded as equal importance to photography. In addition to capturing all of the raw moments on the day, videographers main talents lay within the post-production process — where they spend countless hours constructing a unique storyline which best represents not only the wedding day, but also the love shared between the couple.

Marcus is a renowned videographer who says his goal is to, “convert your wedding day into a timeless film, that tells a story for generations to come”.

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“They’re expensive”

Of course, it’s going to cost good money to hire a talented, professional creative that uses expensive equipment, and spends hours and hours editing your personally crafted video. But the investment is completely worth it for this one day of your life!

Marcus noted that: “It may seem difficult to comprehend the cost of hiring a wedding videographer, however, there are countless hours put in behind the scenes to produce such beautiful films, which couples may not be aware of. You’re not just obtaining a skillset, you’re investing in an experience.”

“Good videographers will take the time to get to know you, as individuals and as a couple,” says Marcus. “They’ll offer free consultations, phone calls, plan meetings and perhaps arrange a facetime call — they’ll delve a little deeper into your relationship to understand who you are and the love you share. This ultimately allows them to capture you in the most honest way possible, and convert your wedding day into a timeless film, that tells a story for generations to come.”

“You’re never going to watch it”

While this may be true for some people… a lot of couples LOVE being able to relive their wedding day! I highly recommend sitting down with your partner on your anniversary and watching your wedding video again. It’s such a great way to relive your day.

“While some may argue that they wouldn’t watch their wedding film again, you just won’t know until you have your very own,” says Marcus. “How often do you find yourself watching someone else’s wedding film who you don’t even know, realising you’re 5 minutes in and getting all teary? Just imagine how that couple would have reacted themselves! This is the most important day of your lives, shared with all of your closest family and friends from different parts of the world. Let’s not forget how much time, money and effort can go in to planning a wedding — which just goes to show that having the entire wedding day captured on film, in my opinion, is priceless.”

In short: No one ever says they regret hiring a wedding videographer

If you’re on the fence, get one. That video will be worth it. Trust us! Marcus makes a great point when he says, “With the current restrictions on gatherings and travel, couples are having to make the difficult decision of either culling guests from their day, or postponing their date. Thankfully, most videographers will offer the complete footage from the wedding day, which can be shared with friends and family who may not have been able to attend.”

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