Whoa! Beyonce wore white to a wedding. Is that ever OK?

Beyonce and Blue Ivy at wedding wearing white dresses

Beyonce and her daughter Blue Ivy at a friend’s wedding – and they’re BOTH wearing white! Image: Beyonce via Instagram

American singer Beyonce has dared to wear white to a friend’s wedding – and the Internet is not happy about it.

The 20-time Grammy Award-winner posted images on social media of her wearing a white wrap-dress at what appears to be a wedding and, as most wedding guests would be aware: only the bride should wear white at a wedding, never a guest.

Beyonce posted three images of her in white to her Instagram account and commentators, both online and off, are questioning whether it’s appropriate, to which we say:

1) we don’t even know if she’s at a wedding!
2) what’s to say the theme for the unknown event (aka ‘friend’s wedding’) isn’t black and white? Eagle-eyed fans have noted that at least one other guest is also wearing white
3) Who cares?

Either way, the pics have got everybody asking: is it ever OK to wear white to a wedding?

We, however, are much more interested in Bey’s elegant egg shell wrap-dress. Her ensemble features delicate gold trimming on the hem and waist, bright crimson lips and glossy Hollywood waves in her trademark tresses.

But it wasn’t just Beyonce and the mysterious guest sporting white. Even Bey’s three-year-old daughter Blue Ivy donned the forbidden shade. One of the photos shows a proud Beyonce twirling her smiling daughter who is wearing an adorable (white) tutu inspired skirt and silver ballet flats. Her cute-as-a-button outfit is topped off with a sleek bun and fluffy bow, in white, of course.

The idea of wearing white to a wedding isn’t a new concept to the songstress – or her family who all wore white to Beyonce’s sister Solange’s 2014 wedding and then again at her mother Tina’s April 2015 wedding on a Californian yacht.

Traditionally, guests avoid wearing white at a wedding for fear of upstaging the bride but, let’s face it, if you’re going to invite Beyonce to your wedding, she’s probably going to upstage you no matter what colour she wears!

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