Wedding website information to include:

So, you’ve set up your free wedding website, and you’re not sure you’ve added all of the information that you need to add? Here’s exactly what wedding website information to include:

1. Your love story:

A story about the two of you! Tell people who you are, how you met and those details. Most people will know the basics, but give them a summary of your life together and set the tone for your wedding website.
Wedding website information to include:

2. Directions

People will need somewhere to easily access directions to the venue! Most people have google maps on their phone, but just in case they forget the venue name or something like that, give them detailed directions to the venue.

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3. Transport and parking

Be sure to include taxi phone numbers, let them know if there is parking at the venue, tell them if Uber is available in the area, or even the details for a bus if you are providing one for your guests.

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4. Accommodation

If there is accommodation at your venue or nearby, you could include the information to book for your guests. Some hotels will allow you to book out a bunch of rooms at a discounted rate for your wedding guests so that they can all stay in the same accommodation if need be.

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5. Gifts and wishing well

Give your guests as much information as possible about gifts. If you have no preference, then that’s okay, but be sure to communicate this to them. Many people consider wedding gifts to be very important and will want to know what to get you as soon as they receive their invitations! So giving your guests the information on what to do as soon as you’ve decided is wise.

Wedding Wishing Well Board

6. Dress code

Give guests a dress code so that they know whether to wear cocktail attire, a tux, a hat or a ball gown! Don’t let guests be embarrassed by arriving overdressed or underdressed!

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7. Unplugged wedding

If you’re opting for an unplugged wedding, let Aunty Sharon know now rather than later so that she doesn’t whip her iPad out mid-vows and block the photographer.

Photographer with Groom and Bride

8. Cash bar

If you’re having a cash bar, it’s better to prepare your guests and allow them to bring money with them and not overspend on accommodation, transport outfits, and gifts only to realise they still have to pay for their own drinks. If they’re aware that it’s a cash bar, then they can move around their budget accordingly.

Here's to the New Year!

9. Hens/Bucks/Brunch

You can use your wedding website to discuss other wedding-related plans too, such as a follow-up brunch or lunch the following day, your rehearsal dinner, or to communicate your plans for Hens/Bucks parties.

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10. Timeline

If you have a timeline or order of events, now is a good time to share it with guests so that they can plan their day too. Even simply knowing when the ceremony begins and the reception ends will help them to get their travel and accommodation plans organised.

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