Wedding video packages, what to look for – and how much do they cost?

When you start looking for a wedding videographer, the quotes you get could vary from under $500 up to $5000 or more, so what exactly is the difference between them? Wedding videos can consist of a lot of different elements, and the ones that you choose can make a huge difference to the price.

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To make it simpler to choose the type of video you want, many videographers have come up with standard packages for you to choose from, with optional extras that you can add at a little additional cost.

Here are some of the possible components of wedding videos so you know what you are looking for in your wedding video package:

The amount of coverage

Most wedding packages include a certain number of hours of coverage, usually ranging from four to twelve hours.  In theory, the more coverage you have the more interesting and varied the edited version of your wedding video will be.

As well as number of hours of coverage, you will need to find out which parts of the wedding your videographer will attend. Will they take some footage of the bride and groom preparing for the wedding as well as the ceremony and the reception? What time will they stay at the reception until; will they still be around for big moments like the first dance and the cake cutting?

The edited version

Videographers will take the footage of the wedding and edit it into a shorter film, usually with a soundtrack.  Find out how long the edited version will be. Standard packages usually include a final edit of between two and three hours.

Wedding video packages may also include a shorter highlights sequence of perhaps ten to fifteen minutes. This can act as a wedding video trailer, and many couples are now choosing to post this online for guests to watch after the event.

Find out how much input you will have into the final edit. Will you be able to choose music for the soundtrack, and will you be able to influence the balance between documentary style footage and reportage?

wedding video

The final product

Packages should include a DVD of your wedding video, but these can vary greatly.  Some packages include a two disc box set, one showing the edited video and one showing a short highlights sequence.  Some box sets even contain a third disc with all the footage taken by the videographer so you don’t miss a thing.

Your wedding DVD should include professional menus and scene selection, and most videographers offer a variety of DVD covers and labels depending on the package you choose.

Optional extras

It is usually possible to add extras to your wedding video package for a slightly higher cost. Some extras include having two cameras at your wedding to capture those special moments from different angles and perspectives, and having a videographer there late into the evening to get footage of the whole reception.

You can also add extra copies of the DVD, possibly in special covers to give to family and friends as gifts. Some videographers will provide a digital master copy for you to keep and make further DVDs from in the future. Others may offer highlights on i-pod or Blu-ray.

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