1 Dreamlife Photos and Video

Dreamlife Photos and Video

When you want first class photography you go to a team that is internationally renowned and award-winning – and Dreamlife is that team.

Their style of photography can be adjusted to suit the mood and feeling of your day, and they can offer ideas if you need them, or just be guided by how you most want your wedding album to be. Their customer service is exemplary and you will be so impressed with their professionalism on the day.

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  • Multi-award-winning photography company
  • Experienced professionals with creativity
  • Expect artistic, timeless, beautiful photos
  • Comprehensive packages at great prices
Award-winning wedding photography and cinematography company, Dreamlife Photos & Video, produce artistic photos and films, expertly retelling each couple’s romantic wedding visually. Situated across Australia’s east coast, this company is a wise choice for any engaged couple: They'll capture images in your favoured style, tell your story, and deliver timeless wedding photos and a beautiful film.

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2 Allure Photography

Allure Photography

Specialising in relaxed and candid images where you are the stand-out star, the creative team behind Allure Photography have a wealth of experience in stress-free wedding days and faultless wedding albums.

The emotions of the day can pass by in a moment, but Allure ensures that they are captured for all time, and will come flooding back to you every time you look through your shots. Their attention to the tiny details and real instants that you would normally miss will make you forever happy that you chose this reliable team.

3 Ben Newnam Photography

Ben Newnam Photography

With over 20 years of experience capturing treasured weddings into unforgettable keepsakes, you know you are in capable hands here. His team specialises in quality images showing the consistent story told through your entire day and a natural easiness with all of your guests making sure the best of them is brought out in the shots.

This team also pride themselves on the excellence of their service and will guide you through every step of the planning process and will happily answer your every concern.

5 (149) · Sydney, New South Wales
THIRD PLACE - 2023 NSW PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR!! ABIA Australian Bridal Industry Awards. Without a doubt, one of our favourite and most trusted wedding photographers. Ben will personally take care of your wedding photography from start to finish. No nasty surprises . All you have to ask yourself is "Do I like his photography?"

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4 Perfect Moment Photography and Video

Perfect Moment Photography and Video

The artists from Perfect Moment will ensure that no essential moment of your special day gets lost in the chaos. To them, your perfect moments are the reason they are there. So you can trust them to take extra special care of them.

The Perfect Moment team will work closely with you and your partner to make sure you are comfortable and they thoroughly understand what you want captured from the day. For spectacular scenery, emotion-filled shots and naturally beautiful images talk to this team today.

5 SMC Studios

SMC Studios

SMC Studios are famed for provided high-quality wedding photography at very affordable prices, meaning that a wonderful wedding album is not outside anyone’s budget. You don’t need to compromise on the things that are important to you on your big day, through SMC Studios you can have it all.

This talented team also offer top level videography as well, and their flexible packages have a long list of inclusions to make every bride and groom very happy.

6 Veri Photography

Veri Photography

Not only skilled and creative photographers, this team goes to extra lengths to delight their customers and exceed all of their expectations. Their portfolio of past weddings is beautiful, and you can see that they have this uncanny ability to find glorious moments in everyday life. On top of this, they understand how stressful planning a wedding can be, and how tight on your budget.

Still wanting extraordinary quality photos to be available to every couple, Veri offers a range of customisable packages, as well as a free engagement shoot where you can get a great feel for how they work and how they will fit into proceedings on your big day.

5 (92) · Sydney, Victoria
  • Photo & Video Combo Package from $3880
  • 10+ years of experience shooting weddings
  • Tell Your Story with Heart, Insight + Style
Photo & Video Combo Package from $3880. Veri Photography is Australia’s leading boutique wedding studio specialising in capturing timeless wedding photos and films that feel natural, candid, and emotional. Our talented team of professional photographers and videographers has been photographing and filming weddings across Australia for more than ten years.

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7 Attitudes Photography

Attitudes Photography

The team from Attitudes Photography pride themselves on treating every couple like the individuals that they are, and by guiding them to build the ideal wedding day keepsake. There is little point in having a photographer who can take beautiful pictures if they don’t take photos of the things that you want.

Attitudes Photography work closely with you to get a thorough understanding of your personalities and the atmosphere of your wedding day. They slip seamlessly into the big day and make everyone feel natural and relaxed, capturing the shots that you will always treasure.

8 AP Photography

AP Photography

Anthony from AP Photography loves making naturally gorgeous things shine for all eternity, including you and your family on your wedding day, and the brilliant setting in which you have chosen to locate it. He is not so much about posing but about being there at the right time to snap the moments that cannot be repeated or replaced. When you want to spend your wedding day celebrating with your loved ones rather than posing endlessly for photos, Anthony is the photographer that you need to call.

9 Make Ones Way Photography

Make Ones Way Photography

Jason and Jade from Make Ones Way Photography are based in the Blue Mountains, so they know all of the best locations for photos and how this incomparable location can shine in every season. The colours of the Blue Mountains are varied and vibrant, and this creative team has seen and photographed them all.

With a passion for crafting natural photos and capturing candid and emotional moments, this award-winning team will make you look stunning on your wedding day and forever after.

5 (21) · Sydney, New South Wales
We are a small boutique wedding photography duo. We provide you with naturally stunning images by capturing real moments and emotions on your wedding day.

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10 Ivan Christian Photography

Ivan Christian Photography

We love the wedding albums created by Ivan because you can easily see how happy his couples were on their wedding day. This shows us that not only is he wonderful at capturing those happy moments when they happen, he puts his customers and their families at complete ease in order to get them. Specialising in organic photos that tell an entire story in the space of that one frame, when you want an uncontrived and honest, but beautiful wedding album, talk to Ivan about his packages today.

11 Maikeru Nirvana Video and Photography

Maikeru Nirvana Video and Photography

Your wedding day is naturally an extremely stressful occasion and a day on which you might not have much confidence that things will run smoothly. When you hire this photography team you can be quietly confident that your wedding album will be perfect, however, and can find peace in this.

Describing himself as a lover of golden light and candid moments, Maikeru appreciates sweet and simple beauty and adores crafting those once in a lifetime shots. More a storyteller than a photographer, his customers love the calmness he brings to a normally very hectic day.

12 Bluebell Imaging

Bluebell Imaging

Bluebell Imaging has a simple and sophisticated philosophy to shooting incredible wedding albums; allow the couple to get lost in the emotions of the day and then just follow along and take photos. This approach has provided them the ability to get those candid and real shots that other photographers miss, and for which you will be forever grateful.

A lovely and professional team, highly recommended by their prior customers and also by us.

13 Enlighten Photography

Enlighten Photography

A wedding day is an interesting anomaly – it is equally about the biggest moments as well as the tiniest details. And in understanding this, Enlighten create world-class wedding albums and treasured keepsakes.

They take special time to get to know you and understand your vision for your day. Their goal is to then make the smallest possible ripple in your big day while still being there to witness and capture the cherished moments, big, small and everything in between. Artists and consummate professionals who really love what they do.

14 Perspective Photography

Perspective Photography

This is a photographic team who get true joy from the job they perform every week. Every single wedding to them is as unique and important as it is to the couple themselves, so you can trust them with your extra special photos and those memories you want to hold forever.

Their services are fully customisable to each couple, again because no two couples are the same. This is one of those decisions that you will look back on and be so happy that you made; book a consultation with them today.

15 CaraInk Photography

CaraInk Photography

There is a real artform in being able to capture real moments and have them look like artistic masterpieces, but Kelly from CaraInk has a natural gift for this. Her previous couples have raved about her easy manner and ability to put people at ease, which has been developed since her love of photography started when she was a child.

A wedding day is an important day, and a wedding photographer has the most important job of all. Because of her skill, professionalism, enthusiasm, and talent, Kelly is one of the very best at this job.

16 Yasmine Parker Photography

Yasmine Parker Photography

At Easy Weddings, we love finding new diamonds in the rough, and uncovering hidden talents is central to what we do. Yasmine is ones of those rare gems. With a sweet and caring nature and tireless focus to get the best wedding photos for you, the reviews from previous clients are a testament to her excellence and professionalism. For high-quality customer service as well as simply stunning photos, Yasmine is the diamond you will be so glad that you found.

17 Travelshoot


This is a revolution in wedding photography. Travelshoot oversees a network of skilled and talented photographers across the globe, so no matter where you are, they will find the perfect local for the job for you. Seamless and hassle-free in its arrangements, your every worry is taken care of, both before, during and after your big day.

18 Riss Photography

Riss Photography

Weddings are a traditional day filled with family and culture, and Riss Photography understands this. Their wealth of experience in the industry shows in their easy ability to follow the chaos of a wedding and transform it into lovely and unforgettable photos. Putting everybody at ease, and knowing exactly where to be at all times across your day, you and your family will be so glad you picked this artistic team.

5 (30) · Macquarie Links, New South Wales
A professional and highly regarded wedding photography and videography business based in Sydney, RISS Productions services both Sydney and wider Australia. With the versatility to cover all styles and sizes of weddings, RISS Productions is operated by an efficient and passionate team of top wedding photographers and cinematographers who are passionate about capturing your celebration on film.

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19 Brindleyimages


New to Easy Weddings, but already making a solid name for himself as an artist to book quickly, we just love the work that Robert creates. His background in fine art can be seen in the entrancing shots he gathers, and his low-key yet thorough approach will be very gratefully appreciated on your big day. Take a look through his gallery if you want to see something wonderfully different, and if you want a wedding album that is original and unique.

20 Eternal Love Photography

Eternal Love Photography

The team behind Eternal Love Photography are total romantics at heart. They understand that your wedding day is the celebration of your personal love story, and they will craft images of this to keep it forever vivid in your memories.

Their technical skill behind the lens is excellent, and they have a great eye for a spectacular shot, whether it be simple and stunning, or expansive and powerful. To find out about their range of packages give them a call today.


21 Transtudios Photography and Video

Transtudios Photography and Video

You can tell if a photography has a good eye for a photo by looking through their portfolio, but this doesn’t tell you what they are like to work with on the most stressful day of your lives. The Transtudios team has rave reviews for their easiness to be with and their lovely natures, so you just know that when you choose them, you will be delighted with the service they provide. Described as approachable and professional, and enthusiastic and energetic, their easy manner will make your day pass like a dream.

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