Wedding jewellery

Traditionally, wedding jewellery meant two gold wedding bands, one for the bride and one for the groom. These days however, couples aren’t just getting more daring with their wedding rings; they are choosing to accessorise their wedding outfits with special wedding jewellery as well.

wedding jewellery

Wedding ring trends for brides

There are several key trends in bridal wedding rings this season. The first is for vintage inspired rings, which goes along with the increasing trend for vintage wedding gowns. Features of vintage wedding rings include old European round centre cut, or Asscher cut stones, microset diamonds, and minimal scroll-like engraving.

A second key trend is for coloured stones such as yellow or pink diamonds and pink or blue sapphires. Perhaps you want to choose you favourite colour, or your birth stone as an alternative to traditional white diamonds on a gold band. For those that are selecting white diamonds, pave diamonds are currently in vogue.

A final fashion statement that is big in the bridal wedding ring industry is stacked rings. These can be eternity style rings with stones all the way around, or simple metal bands. Either way, two or three rings stacked together is a stylish and contemporary look, and can be worn with or without an engagement ring.

Wedding ring trends for grooms

Men are also rejecting the traditional gold bands and opting for practical yet durable alternatives. For many men, the choice of wedding band is governed by the type of work they do, and their lifestyle.

Platinum is becoming a favourite choice as it is hardwearing, and grooms are looking for rings that won’t scratch or become chipped with everyday wear. Many wedding ring designers are employing the principles of ergonomics to make rings more comfortable for men to wear.

Until recent years a diamond wedding ring for a groom may not have seemed very manly, but these days they are the height of fashion and are continuing to grow in popularity. Diamond rings for grooms tend to be more subtle than their bridal counterparts, with the diamond generally lying flush with the band. The usual styles chosen by men are gypsy or channel set round or square diamonds, and yellow, black or champagne diamonds are far more popular than white.

When to order wedding jewellery

You should look at ordering your wedding bands four to five months before the wedding to allow time for any alterations. Bridal jewellery shouldn’t be bought until after the wedding dress has been chosen and ordered, and likewise the groom’s cufflinks should only be chosen after his outfit style has been confirmed. These items could be bought two to three months before the wedding. If you are thinking of giving your bridesmaids jewellery as a thank you gift to wear at the wedding, this should be bought at around the same time.

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Tips on bridal jewellery

Many brides choose to accessorise their wedding gowns with bridal jewellery. Here are a few tips to make sure you get the right balance between your dress and your jewels:

  • Don’t overdo it. Unless you have a very plain wedding dress, a tiara, earrings, a necklace and a bracelet may be too much. Choose just two pieces or only one if your dress is very intricate and includes accessories of its own.
  • Match your jewellery to the details of your dress. If your dress has beading in crystal, pearl, or glass, you should look to similar materials for your bridal jewellery to create an overall seamless effect.
  • Necklaces should complement the neckline of your dress. A large or complicated necklace will complete a strapless dress and prevent the bride looking too naked, but it may be too much for a dress with a high neckline or detailed straps.
  • Let the style of the dress dictate the jewellery. The wedding dress will always be the star of the show, with the bridal jewellery merely acting in a supporting role. If you have gone for a vintage dress, antique style jewellery is a must, whereas a more contemporary style dress will look better with simple modern pieces.
  • If your budget for wedding jewellery is tight, you will probably want to invest it in high quality wedding bands that you will wear for the rest of your life, rather than expensive bridal jewellery that will only get worn once. Costume and faux jewellery can make a statement without looking tacky, and this option is becoming more appealing to brides on a tight budget.
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