Wonderful wedding cars

Most couples choose a car that is personal favourite of theirs, while also suiting their overall wedding theme and the constraints of their budget. Here are a few of the (rather fabulous) options to consider before you hire your wedding car.

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For a classic and formal wedding the most popular choices are still chauffeur driven stretch limousines, Rolls Royces, Bentleys and Jaguars. These are excellent choices and provide plenty of space and luxury for the bridal party or bride and groom. Travelling to your wedding in one of these is guaranteed to make you feel special.


For a traditional or historically themed wedding, many couples choose a horse drawn carriage as their wedding transport. Assuming you are using the same vehicle for arrival of the bride at the ceremony and the transportation of the bride and groom to the wedding reception, these will all need to be fairly close together to make using a horse and carriage practical. For the perfect fairytale wedding, they really are unbeatable, and will look superb in your wedding photos.


For couples looking for something quirky for their wedding car, and perhaps wanting to make a statement, there are endless options. Perhaps you want to travel in a motorcycle and sidecar, or a brightly coloured Cadillac. Let your imagination roam free, and if you are having a themed wedding, your choice of wedding car can be the icing on the cake.


Everyone deserves to zip around town in a supercharged sports car, or perhaps something a little exotic, at least once in their lives, so why not on your big day? Imagine arriving at your wedding ceremony in a hot red Ferrari or a bright yellow Lamborghini?

Family sized

For couples that want to travel with their entire bridal party, there are a few larger options to consider. Perhaps a stretch SUV or a wedding bus, kitted out with all the trimmings you expect from a wedding car could be the way for your families to travel in style.

What is fashionable in wedding cars?

Although all types of wedding car are still used, there has, of late, been a return to classic models such as the Rolls Royce and stretch limousines. Although white will always be a popular wedding colour, many couples are opting for black. It is sleek, simple and looks great with most wedding themes.

While some couples opt to hire a high-end car that they can drive themselves, it’s rarely worth the potential cost-savings. After all, you’ll have enough to worry about without having to think about parking and traffic etc on your wedding day.

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Should we hire a chauffeur?

There are many reasons to have a chauffeur. The most obvious is for the pure indulgence of being able to relax on the back seat and have somebody else worry about directions, traffic, parking and opening the door for you.

Having a chauffeur adds class and elegance to the occasion and allows you to concentrate on your big day, your guests, and most importantly your new spouse, while someone else concentrates on the driving.

It will also allow you a glass or two of champagne without the worry of drinking and driving.

On the other hand, for couples that just love driving, hiring a fabulous car and having someone else drive can be considered a wasted opportunity. Driving yourselves also gives you more flexibility about where you go and when, and it ensures total privacy, rather than having to include a stranger in your wedding activities.

That said, if you want to drive a luxury car yourself, do it another time. Worrying about all the things associated with driving is rarely worth it on  your big day.

When should we hire the wedding car?

Try to choose and book your wedding car at least four to five months before your big day. If you have particular requirements, and need an unusually large car, perhaps because you want to transport your entire bridal party, you may need to book a little sooner.

If the supplier is providing a chauffeur. you will need to be able to tell them who will be travelling in the car, where they need to be picked up from, and where they are travelling to.

Questions to ask the supplier

Before you go ahead and hire your stretch limousine or classic convertible, here are a few questions to ask your supplier:

  • How long has the supplier been in the wedding car business?
  • Is the supplier accredited?
  • Are the cars registered and insured?
  • Can they provide a recent reference for you to call?
  • Are the cars maintained and detailed regularly?
  • Are the chauffeurs fully uniformed?
  • Will the car you see be the one you use, with no substitutes?
  • What happens should the car break down?

Finding a reliable supplier and going for quality over price will help to ensure that you arrive at your wedding, calm, relaxed and feeling like the princess that you are.

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