Trump wedding: And the bride wore… wrist casts!

Bride Lara Yunaska sports two broken wrists after a riding injury. Image: Lara Yunaska via Instagram

Most brides have to worry about matching their earrings and shoes with their wedding dress, but for bride Lara Yunaska, she had to match wrist casts with her gorgeous Vera Wang wedding dress.

Lara, who married Donald Trump’s son Eric over the weekend, recently broke both her wrists in a horse riding accident and it quickly became clear that she wouldn’t have them off in time for her big day.

The bride, a TV producer for America’s Inside Edition, posted the image above on Instagram on October 23. and a later post was accompanied by the caption, “Wedding countdown: 2 weeks and 2 casts to go! #HopeImAFastHealer.”

Unfortunately, poor Lara didn’t heal quite fast enough to have the casts off, so she had to try to match her two casts with her gown. Only one wedding picture has been seen to date (below) and, in it, neither of her casts can be spotted.

Lara and Eric walk down the aisle. Image: Clayton Norrigo via Instagram

Eric, 30, and Lara, 32, married at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, the same place Trump senior married his third wife, Melania Knauss, in 2005.

Lara wore a strapless, ruffled Vera Wang wedding gown and the event was organised by celebrity wedding planner Preston Bailey.

Eric’s three-year-old neice, Arabella, daughter of his sister Ivanka, acted as flowergirl and his older brother, Donald Trump Jr, was best man.

“There are inherent risks that we all take in life,” Lara posted on her Instagram last month. “When you truly love something, it’s worth it. I wouldn’t take back one day of riding — stuff happens. I will ride again and it will be better than ever. Most importantly, I still get to marry the love of my life on Nov 8th!”

Lara Yunaska with her pet pooch – and one of her two wrist casts. Image: Lara Yunaska via Instagram Melania (Donald’s wife) Tweeted the picture above with the caption: From last night #congratulations Eric & Lara
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