President Obama, wedding crasher…

President Obama with the beaming newlyweds. Image: The Youngrens

President Obama with the beaming newlyweds. Image: The Youngrens

Wedding crashers don’t get much bigger – or more gracious – than US President Barack Obama.

Yet, when Californian newlyweds Stephanie and Brian Tobe were about to say their vows at La Jolla’s Torrey Pines Golf Course, they were informed Obama was about to enjoy a round on the green.

“We got word that we needed to delay the ceremony or start immediately,” said wedding photographer Jeff Youngren.

The couple decided to for the President to finish the 18th hole, and watched the proceedings from a window in the venue, hoping to catch a glimpse of him.

“Brian and Stephanie were SO EXCITED that he was there,” writes Erin on her blog.

“We laughed and joked all morning, and tried to get a peek of him through the curtains, feeling honored just to be at the same location, not expecting anything more than that. It was nice to see the leader of our country take some time to rest in a place that we all adore.”

“I started photographing the couple and the family,” adds said Jeff. “It was such a joyful few minutes.”

“I said I bet you if we went down there he would take a picture. Stephanie was like ‘YES,’ and she took off running.”

They made it onto the course before Obama left – and he even stopped to pose for pictures with then.

“President Obama was kind and wonderful,” writes Erin. “When he shook Brian and Stephanie’s hands, he apologized for delaying the ceremony and then shared some advice with Brian (who is also from Chicago).”

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