Is there a polite way to un-invite someone to my wedding?

Is there a polite way to univite someone to my wedding

When I sent out my wedding invitations, my close friend was married. Now she has separated and her estranged husband has said he’s coming to the wedding, but I don’t want him there due to the changed circumstances. Is there a way to politely un-invite someone?

Samantha says:

The best advice would be just to tell him directly.

We’re not sure whether his presence will make you uncomfortable (something you definitely don’t want on your big day), or whether it’s more about your close friend’s comfort, but if one or both are of concern to you, you are going to have to tell him how you feel.

That won’t be easy, of course, and you may not want to hurt him. You may also feel as though you won’t be able to muster the courage to ask him not to come, in which case, if the discomfort won’t be too great, just leave things as they are and ensure he and his former partner are seated well and truly apart.

That’s option No.2, of course, and only to be taken if you’re OK with un-inviting him to your wedding.

You never know. He may not want to attend and may only be doing so in order not to hurt you or out of obligation. So, if you are OK doing it, why not just have a frank and open conversation about it?

You may both walk away very pleased with the outcome!

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