From nearly-weds to newly-weds with celebrant Lisa Aldridge

Maddy Laurie
Updated on: November 17, 2023

In the world of weddings, where every detail counts and emotions run high, finding a reliable, understanding, and adaptable celebrant can make all the difference. Lisa Aldridge, a seasoned Melbourne wedding celebrant, is one such professional who has carved a niche for herself in the industry by making couples’ wedding days truly exceptional.

In a recent interview, Lisa shared insights into her business and what makes her stand out in the wedding industry.

Lisa Aldridge Wedding Celebrant

A unique approach

What sets Lisa Aldridge apart from the rest is her remarkable ease of working with couples. As she puts it, “Couples find me very easy to work with. Nothing is a problem. I listen to the type of ceremony they envision, and together we make it happen.” This commitment to tailoring ceremonies to the couple’s desires ensures that every wedding she officiates is a unique and personalized experience.

Lisa Aldridge Wedding Celebrant

A passion for love stories

Lisa’s favourite part about being in the wedding industry is, without a doubt, the opportunity to meet beautiful couples and share in their wedding day. It’s this genuine passion for love stories that shines through in her work, making her a beloved choice among soon-to-be-weds.

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Addressing a common concern

In today’s world, weddings can be notoriously expensive affairs. Lisa is aware of this concern and is dedicated to keeping her fees as reasonable as possible. As she notes, “Cost is an issue these days, and so I try my best to keep my fees down.” Her commitment to affordability ensures that couples can have their dream wedding without breaking the bank.

Lisa Aldridge Wedding Celebrant

Memorable moments

Reflecting on her experiences, Lisa shared anecdotes from her journey as a wedding celebrant. She recalled a groom fainting during one ceremony, humorously adding, “Fortunately, I’m first aid trained… haha.” Battling the elements is also part of the job, as she often finds herself conducting ceremonies on beaches or hilltops. Despite these challenges, Lisa reassures couples that everything always works out in the end.

Invaluable advice

When asked for advice on selecting a wedding celebrant, Lisa emphasized the importance of gut feelings. She advised couples, “Go with your gut once you speak to the celebrant. If you connect with them, that’s what counts… don’t overthink it!!” Her emphasis on the connection between celebrant and couple highlights her commitment to creating a comfortable and harmonious atmosphere on their big day.

Lisa’s approach to her role is unique in that she strives to be as much in the background as possible. Her goal is to allow all the focus to be on the couple, ensuring that their love story takes centre stage. This selfless approach has endeared her to couples seeking an unobtrusive yet heartfelt ceremony.

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