History of weddings

There has been marriage in one form or another for almost as long as the human race has existed, although they all vary widely from what we call marriage today. Some of these are: wife capture, arranged, compassionate, wife purchase, polygamy and polyandry.

groom wedding ring

In the eighteen hundreds organised religion changed this view profoundly marriage became a spiritual and holy act. It was no longer just a form of binding between a man and his wife. It became a union between a man, a woman and the lord. Marriage was bound to the religious doctrines governing it and still is today. From this time on, marriage has been one of the most important contracts that two individuals can enter into. So where did the word ‘wedding’ come from?

It is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word wed. The wed was the security placed by the family of the groom, with the family of the bride when the betrothal was agreed between the families. This could happen as young as the age of two months. The wedding was the name given to the ceremony that followed, and the marriage of the couple. The name, although coming from the barbaric practice of bridal purchasing, now signifies all the love, happiness and adventure that is involved in the preparation for the day and the day itself.

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From the eighteen hundreds until now marriage has been considered one of the most difficult relationships. It is a new life for the bride and groom and it requires a lot of work to keep the joy and happiness of a new marriage to continue through the years. Marriage is not the end as many people say, but the beginning of a journey as a couple. This journey should be full of joy, discovery, fulfillment, adventure, contentment, responsibility, trust and companionship. With all of these things in a marriage, it should be the happiest time of your lives.

It is very interesting to look back at the history of weddings, but it is more important to know what marriage means to you and your partner. This is a time for the two of you to begin a new stage in life. Take the time to talk about what marriage means to both of you.

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