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The web is a very powerful tool which used properly will save you a significant amount of time in your search for the perfect wedding gown. There are numerous wedding sites, designer sites, and stockist sites who present useful information and beautiful gowns that may be of interest to you. But,if you are thinking about purchasing a gown over the internet there are risks involved if you don’t deal with a site or person whose credentials can be verified.

There are a significant number of people out there that will take your money but not deliver a gown that meets your expectations.  There are sites out there that are trying to sell poor imitations of well known designer gowns at drastically reduced prices.  Just because a stockist or gown appears on a search engine listing (or an auction / resale site) does not mean that the website represents an authorised stockist or that the gown is authentic or is in good condition.  If you are purchasing something sight unseen, you are always taking a risk.

In a recent search using a major search engine and a major auction site, we discovered a number of websites that were using both the names and pictures of name brand designer gowns who were not authorised stockists.  The sites quoted unbelievably low prices for the gowns but did not provide complete information on the gowns.  They quoted a fantastic price but no guarantees.

Purchasing Over the Web

If you are thinking about looking for your wedding gown via the internet, here are a few points to be mindful of:

  • If the website does not represent an authorised dealer and is providing copies the fabric, style, and sizing will most likely be different and of lesser quality
  • Check bridal reviews for others experiences in dealing with the supplier
  • What recourse will you have if the bridal gown does not meet your expectation
  • What guarantee do you have of receiving the gown on a timely basis?
  • Sizes vary from country to country, designer to designer, even gown to gown so be careful
  • Who are you going to use to alter your gown? Altering a wedding gown is a specialised trade and a poor alteration can ruin the look of a gown so make sure you have someone who has experience to alter your wedding gown.

Just remember if you think you are saving money by purchasing a gown from an unauthorised stockist or even an authorised stockist in another country don’t be surprised if the gown you order does not meet your expectations.  And, you will probably have no way to recover the money you’ve spent.  But worst of all, if you have purchased a wedding gown disaster; your wedding could be ruined because you will not have enough time before your wedding to find your dream gown.

We recommend you purchase your gown at a store where you can verify that the gown is the one you want and you can have it altered to your specifications.  If you are thinking about ordering a gown over the internet, before you order anything make sure you know that you are dealing with an authorised stockist.

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Get That Picture of Your Perfect Gown

We would like to suggest that each time you find a picture of a gown you like, save or print a copy of that gown.  Often the designer will provide an easy way for you to copy and/or print the picture of one of their gowns.  This way you will have pictures to show your friends and bridal consultant when you are trying to tell them what style(s) you’re interested in.


If you would like to take a little extra time with your appointment and enjoy a little more relaxed atmosphere, it is recommended that you arrange to come in and view gowns on a weekday.

When planning for your appointment, we suggest you bring the closest friend or family member whose opinion you value and who knows you well and with whom you want to share the experience of buying your gown. Bringing more than 3 others can take the focus off of you. We also suggest, if possible, that you bring pictures of gowns you might be interested in. And bring an open mind: many brides find their dress on their first visit to our store, but they also find all their accessories (veils, headpieces, shoes, jewellery etc) on their first visit.

If you are planning to view gowns at more than one shop on the same day we recommend that you allow two hours.  Even though the appointment will probably take between forty-five minutes and an hour, you may find that time flies and you want to spend a little more time viewing gowns.  Then you have to allow time to commuting between appointments.

Allow time for a cup of coffee between appointments.  You will probably want to discuss what you have just seen plus you want to be relaxed for your next appointment.  If you are rushed because you didn’t allow enough time, you are being unfair to yourself.


When you purchase your gown you should schedule your first fitting.  It is usually scheduled 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding day.Usually,brides require 2-3 fittings to ensure a perfect look.You should plan on bringing the shoes and undergarments you’ll wear on your wedding day to each fitting in order to have your gown properly fit through the bodice and hemline.

Article provided by Fashions by Farina
Edited for publication by Easy Weddings

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