Getting fit and healthy for your wedding day

Every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day; whether it is simply a matter of committing to plucking her eyebrows once a week for the next five months, running an extra 10 minutes every day, or completely restructuring their her entire life in order to transform themselves.

health and fitness

Every bride will make a commitment to look beautiful. It does not have to cost you much, in fact, time and mental effort will be the two most important elements in getting fit and healthy.

There is one rule that definitely stipulates whether you will succeed, however. Regardless of how much time you have and how much you can spend, you do require commitment. The answer to success, no matter how simple your objective, will be in your commitment to an established goal. This will usually mean you have to commit to a routine, as well.

Put yourself on a healthy eating plan

There is no such thing as a diet anymore. All (sensible) health and nutrition consultants will advise that you need to eat well, not less. And its REALLY easy. You simply need to read up on what the body needs. And again, that’s not a very hard task.

We all know the body does not need fats, sugars. And we know the body needs fruit and vegies, fibre and water. The rest is up to you; simply work out what sort of foods you like and eat them!
But remember à there is no point in exercising or eating a healthy breakfast and lunch if you are going to sit down and have a chocolate bar and half a litre of coke when you get home from work.

Exercise can be done anywhere, any time. And you don’t need to do much.

You simply need to do it OFTEN. Go for a good hard walk at least four times a week, for at least half an hour. Run if you want to, but don’t burn yourself out because then you won’t want to do anything the following day! Drive to the beach and take a walk or jog on the sand. Walk around the block ten times; whatever it takes. The body burns as many calories walking as it does running; you just suffer less joint and muscle trauma! That is a hard concept to grasp, particularly when you have been brought up with the philosophy of ‘the more you sweat the more you lose’.

Borrow the neighbour’s dog. Wash the neighbour’s horse. As long as you use your muscles and work hard, you will see a change.

Some people have bad joints, so swimming works well, particularly for those who are overweight and can’t walk or run distances.

If you have children, purchase a couple of exercise videos (including yoga or pilates); exercise at home without having to put the kids in day care. In fact, if your kids are old enough, you will have nothing but fun because they join in!

health and fitness

The body needs water, and lots of it.

Keep a cold bottle in the fridge and get yourself a water bottle you can freeze and take with you during the day. During winter, you must make no exception to this rule. Water is vital. It not only keeps you fully hydrated, it flushes the toxins and waste from your system.

No matter how you chose to lose weight, it can be fun and it can be free. It DOES work. Commit to a plan and don’t give up, you will notice significant benefit, and you really won’t have to wait too long to see the changes.

Remember, you may not lose weight where you want to. The body will burn weight as required, where needed. One week people might say your face has lost weight, the next, your back and bum. But it will come off.

Patience and Persistence are the key!

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