Getting animated: Photo booths with a very modern twist

The Lite social photo booth
With a background in digital marketing for some of the biggest brands in the world, Melbourne-based Joanna O’Connor has come up with an idea she hopes will revolutionise the humble photo booth.

Joanna’s idea, Lite, is a minimalistic photo booth that comprises little else more than a ring light, a stand and an iPad that records two-second GIFs that can be shared straight onto social media.

“My background is in digital marketing and fashion marketing,” says New Zealand born Joanna. “I would see people getting a print-out from a photo booth, and then taking a photo of that photo to share it online. I thought, there has to be a better ways.

“I knew from my time in fashion that ring lights are very flattering in photographs. They make your skin look amazing, so it made sense to me to include one on a photo booth.”

She set to work on a design and the result was Lite: the social photo booth.

“It’s really addictive. People love it. It’s a great way of getting people to interact with each other,” Joanna says.

lite photo booth

Each GIF is watermarked with the bridal couple’s name, or with an Instagram address or hashtag, if they’d prefer, and images shot on Lite are sent straight to the guest’s phone.

Then they can then share it as they see fit.

“You can have a constant feed of the GIFs being displayed on a wall or a screen at the reception, which gives people something to laugh and talk about all night.”

Joanna says some people choose to hire an optional attendant, but they are not necessary at most functions.

”It’s so easy to use. The wedding guest only has to touch the screen, record two seconds of video, and then put in their mobile number and it will be sent directly to them to them.”

“And it’s a really minimalist design. It can fit into any venue, but the ring light means it will still get noticed.”

The Lite is hired for a full 24 hours, so those having a recovery breakfast or barbecue the next day can get more use out of it then.

“There’s no print-outs so there is no waste, but the couple will receive a link to all GIFs from the night. It can be a lot of fun for them to see what was going on on their special night.”

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