Garden wedding: tips for a beautiful wedding

The idea of a garden wedding is very romantic in principle; reciting your vows amid the natural beauty of picturesque trees and vibrant flowers. But how can you be sure your chosen venue will be looking its best on the big day? Scorched leaves and drooping blooms could turn your dream wedding into a nightmare.

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Here are five garden wedding tips to get the best out of your garden venue:

Consider your date carefully

If you have your heart set on getting married at a particular garden venue, find out when the plants and flowers are likely to be at their best and set your date accordingly. Ask to see photos of the various seasons and try to talk to one of the gardeners who will know the seasonality of every plant in the place.

If you are getting married in your own garden, or that of your parents, you probably have time to do a little replanting. If you have set a date, talk to a professional at your local garden centre to see which plants and flowers you should plant to have the best display on the day.

Supplement your garden’s natural beauty

Even the most experienced gardener can’t be sure that a certain garden will be looking its best on a particular Saturday in eighteen months time. Gardens are at the mercy of the seasons, and a little unseasonable weather can delay or accelerate the annual progress of a garden by several weeks.

To be sure your garden venue still looks wonderful be sure to augment it with arrangements of cut flowers brought in from elsewhere, and some potted plants and shrubs. Arrange your cut flowers in rustic containers such as old fashioned watering cans and glass jugs, and hire potted plants from a garden centre.

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Gardens can be decorated too

Just because your garden venue looks naturally beautiful, there’s no reason you can’t add some extra decorations to make it look even more special. Most couples choose to add an archway or gazebo as a focal point for the ceremony, but you could also consider small decorations for the trees such as ribbon bows or colourful fabric butterflies.

Add light to your venue

If you are having an evening event check out the lighting in the garden. You want your guests to be able to see what they’re doing, but you don’t want them dazzled by industrial flood lights. Candle lanterns hung in the trees, or on small posts in the ground can give a cosy glow, as can white or coloured fairy lights. Look for citronella candles if you want to avoid the lights attracting unwanted guests of the insect variety.

Pay attention to your flower arrangements

If you are having an outdoor summer wedding your wedding flowers, such your bouquets headdresses and table centres, may wilt quicker than usual in the hot sun, even if you get them from a florist rather than the garden itself. Have flower arrangements made in oasis that is regularly watered during the day or place flowers in simple vases of water. Keep bouquets and headpieces out of the sun until the last possible moment, and make sure there is somewhere shady you can put them in water at various times during the day.

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