Fabulous fun: kids’ wedding activities

kids at weddings

If you’re inviting children to your wedding, why not ensure they have as good a time as the adults. How? Here are some fabulously fun ideas for keeping kids busy at your wedding. After all, a group of ecstatic little guests will add life, laughter and merriment to your celebration.

Crayons, crayons, crayons

How to entertain kids at wedding

Image: Justin and Keary Weddings

Prepare a colorful loot bag filled with art and crafts materials for your little guests. Not only will it keep them entertained, it will also let their imaginations run wild. Add a personal touch by putting their name on each bundle.

Let them start a confetti party

How to entertain kids at wedding

Image: Madeline Trait Photog

If there’s one thing most kids can agree on, it’s the absolute requirement for an absolute mess! Let them create a beautiful, celebratory mess to welcome you at the reception by creating a confetti booth like this one.

Set a storytelling time

How to entertain kids at wedding

Image: Wayne Wonder

Most adults find it difficult to get through wedding speeches, so spare a thought for the little ones who don’t have our skills of diplomacy – and tend to sleep, moan or, embarrassingly, shout out things like ‘Mummy, when is that man going to stop talking?’ when they go on a little too long. You can avoid such fiascos by ensuring they’re kept quiet by inviting them to a storytelling session that happens to coincide with the speeches. What child will ever refuse a good fairytale?

Kids-only corner

How to entertain kids at wedding

Image: Jillian Mitchell via style me pretty

Like us big folks, children like having alone time alone with their friends, too. So, give them the pleasure of having some some adult-free time and provide an area at your reception venue filled with mats, pillows and toys for an adorable kiddie corner.

Paper everything

How to entertain kids at wedding

Image: Armelle

If you don’t want to have a separate kids’ table, create a separate table setting for your little guests. Using disposable (even recyclable) paper saves you or your caterer time cleaning up and, frankly, it’s just a little delightful. Oh, and if you want to take this idea to the next level, use blank paper that children can draw on as the base place mat. Now, that’s one awesome children’s wedding activity!

Cupcake decorating station

How to entertain kids at wedding

Image: Jen Loves Kev via Colincowieweddings

Isn’t this pretty – and clever, too? Combine dessert and art in one with this super cute DIY cupcake palette. Fill a plastic paint palette with sprinkles of all sorts and colours and have kids decorate their own cupcakes. Genius, we say!

Give them tasks

How to entertain kids at wedding

Image: Stevie Ramos

Make kids feel important by giving them things to do in the ceremony and at the reception. Express to them how important their role is and they’ll do it with pride – and be well behaved in the process. This approach has the added bonus of helping teach kids how to be responsible.

Involve them in adult activities

How to entertain kids at wedding

Image: Clean Plate Pictures

While adults raise up their bubblies, have your little guests join in with their own celebratory drink: milk with a side of bikkies. Flavoured milk is even better!

Ever thought of inflatables?

How to entertain kids at wedding

Image: Joseph Hall

This is the ultimate in kids’ wedding activities – and more than a few adult guests will enjoy it just as much: rent a bouncy castle! Not only does it double as a play place, it’s a great spot for taking some pretty memorable wedding photos, especially if you can get the bride, groom and bridal party to clamber in! Just tell parents to bring extra clothes for the kids, because they might be sweaty towards the end of the party.

kids activities wedding
If all else fails, hire a pro

If you have quite a number of kids attending your wedding, you may want to consider hiring professional entertainers who’ll be able to provide you with not just plenty of ideas for wedding activities for kids, they can usually make them happen, too.  They can do face painting or play dress-ups with the kids, while you enjoy the rest of your night.

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