12 couples share their favourite wedding day memories

Your wedding day is one filled with highlights – even if it goes so fast, you can barely remember them all, but, at every wedding, there are one or two truly special moments, ones you’ll never, ever forget and, every time you recall them, your heart beats a little faster and your eyes shine.

Here are 12 favourite wedding day memories from real brides and grooms that will melt your heart.

“One of the most memorable moments from my wedding day was when my new husband and I ordered pizza at the hotel room after the wedding. We just ate pizza and laughed and talked about the events of the whole day. I’ll never forget it – and pizza has never tasted as good as it did on the night of my wedding!”
– Annabelle, Penrith

“Since we were ‘taking the plunge’ we decided to kick off our wedding day by doing it symbolically, too. We woke at 5am and headed to the beach to watch the sunrise and then we went for a swim. We knew that by sunset, we’d be husband and wife – and that the next time we watched a sunset, we’d do it as a married couple.”
– Jess, Broadbeach

“One of the most memorable moments from my wedding day was when my husband and I were standing nervously at the altar during our very traditional and very serious ceremony. The priest put our hands together so we could hold hands and we instantly relaxed and felt at ease knowing that we were both going through this amazing experience together.”

– Natalie, Coburg

“My mother passed away shortly before my wedding, but she left a letter with my sister and told her to give it to me on the morning of my wedding. It was a complete surprise and the best wedding gift I received. Her letter, which she hand wrote before her eyesight failed, was filled with loving words and the kind of advice only a mother can give and, though my mum wasn’t
physically with me on my wedding day, I knew that she was standing right beside me throughout the day.”
– Amanda, Griffith

“During the ceremony, I could see my wife starting to tear up. We had a bet that whoever cried first on our wedding day would have to wash the dishes for the first month of our marriage. I was so happy I won that bet!”
– Rob, Dubbo

“I was really worried about our vows. My hubby-to-be insisted on writing his own and he refused to show them to me beforehand. He can be a bit goofy – and loves a Dad joke, so I was terrified of what he might say in front of everyone we knew. But he took them very seriously and wrote the most beautiful and heartfelt words.”
– Krystal, Brisbane

“I was finally ready, and was looking at my dress and hair in the mirror when I could see something out of the corner of my eye. It was my Dad, standing quietly in the doorway, wiping away tears. He looked happy and sad and proud – all at the same time.”
– Maria, North Adelaide

“I remember waking up on my wedding day and jumping out of bed. I was so excited to marry bursting with joy and excitement and the day couldn’t go fast enough because I knew that at the end of it all, I’d go to bed married to the love of my life and my best friend that evening.”
– Sara, Tamworth 

“I didn’t have one specific favourite moment, but what I remember most was how much fun we had. Nobody, including my husband and myself, took anything too seriously and we didn’t get too stressed about very much at all, even when, the night before, our son decided to use our wedding cake as a track for his toy cars! We just added it to the cake topper.”
– Kate, Victor Harbor

“That first moment the MC introduced us as Mr and Mrs was pretty amazing. We both tried to be serious – like a married couple – but we couldn’t help ourselves and couldn’t stop laughing as we walked into the reception!”
– Jennifer, Hobart 

“There were so many memorable moments on my wedding day, but one of my favourites was putting on my wedding dress. I’d tried it on before, but there was something special about slipping it on on the day of the wedding. I’ve worn it several times since then – just for fun when I’m alone at home and reminiscing – but there’s no more specially feeling like putting on your wedding dress on your wedding day.”
– Erin, Mildura

“My heart was racing so fast before I walked down the aisle, I thought I would faint. I was so nervous, I was shaking. Every single person in the Church was looking at me, but then my Dad took my arm in his and everyone suddenly disappeared. It was literally like a scene from a movie. Everything slowed down and went quiet, and all I could see was Rob at the top of the aisle and, somehow, magically, I just floated up the aisle – without tripping, which was my greatest fear. Once he took my hand from my father’s, I felt completely at ease.”
– Lara, Daylesford

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