Confessions: biggest regrets from the wedding day

When you are planning your wedding, there does seem to be an awful lot of stress and anxiety. I remember myself worrying so much that something would go wrong.

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Just so you know, something very likely will go a bit different to how you planned, but that’s because when you plan so many details, at least one hiccup is bound to occur.

From experience, brides tend to look back and say that when little things went wrong on their wedding day, they wonder why they spent so many months worrying about it. Little changes will happen, and you will most likely go with the flow. You will be so caught up in the excitement of the day that you won’t even mind.

But just in case there are slightly bigger things going wrong, we’ve interviewed some of our Easy Wedding brides, and they confess what their biggest regrets from the day were. These are very often things you don’t even think about, so this list might help you be that tiny bit more prepared.

It may also help you to realise that you may need to be open and willing to embracing the idea of going with the flow on the big day!

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Brides confess their biggest wedding day regrets

Key people missing from the photos

Photos can be a regret for many brides, but for different reasons. Some felt their photos took too long, and they would have preferred to spend more time with their guests on the day.

But when you look back on the day, good photographs are the main thing you will be thankful for. People who made good decisions about their photographer rarely if ever regret that investment.

One bride told us that she regretted not having a professional photographer on the day; ‘My father-in-law was in charge of the photos because he has a great eye. But because of this, I don’t have one good photo with him in it!’

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Hiring someone only for their portfolio

One regret that couples do have sometimes about their photographer or other professionals, is hiring someone purely for the quality or reputation of their prior work.

One bride told us, ‘The photographer I hired had an amazing portfolio, but I just didn’t feel comfortable with him when we spoke. I hired him anyway but wish I had gone with my gut; he was quite rude on the day and put a few family members off side.’

While professionals like photographers need to have the skill level that you love, it might be just as important to hire someone that you feel comfortable with and that you can trust to work well with everyone on the day. Talk to a few contractors personally, and get a feel for who you like, not just whose work you like.

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Forgetting to eat (and maybe drinking too much!)

Our brides are notorious for forgetting to eat on the day. They have told us that all sorts of things come out of this, like fainting or even getting a bit too tipsy from the champagne when their stomachs were left empty.

Forgetting to eat is very easy to do, because the day does go by in a blur and because you may feel too stressed to eat much. The big meals served at a sit-down reception might be the last thing you feel like stomaching.

Have someone close to you responsible for making sure you eat during the day, and prep them with small snacks that are easy to carry and nibble on to help you out. If you are having a long photo shoot, have an esky on hand with food and drinks for everyone. Think of things like muesli bars, grapes, nuts, easy sandwiches like cheese or peanut butter, pretzels etc.

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Letting ‘that guy’ give a speech

This is, unfortunately, a common wedding regret. A number of brides told us they regretted letting certain people give speeches at their reception, usual culprits seem to be the father of the bride and the best man.

While it may be hard to not let someone have the microphone at all, perhaps get them speak early before they have had too much to drink, and word up the MC that they might need to be reigned in at some point. If worst comes to worst, sneakily ask the videographer to leave that part out of the wedding video.

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Not preparing for the heat

So many of us worry about rain on our wedding day, but in Australia, the big old bad guy very often ends up being the heat! Wedding outfits can be hot and uncomfortable to wear, for both genders, so even a mild day can become uncomfortable. And a hot day can become unbearable, for you and your guests.

Plan for heat. If you have an outdoor ceremony make sure there are seats, water, and shade for everybody who might need it (not just your guests). Even giving out paper parasols and fans can be a lovely touch.

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Not ordering enough food

One consistent regret is not ordering enough food for the guests. This one goes hand in hand with regretting how drunk some guests ended up getting.

Make sure there is plenty of food, much more than you think will be needed. Consider a food van coming later in the proceedings. And if necessary, have someone on hand with an Uber Eats menu to get everybody some late-night pizza or tacos.

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Not getting to talk to everybody

Many brides will regret not getting around to everyone on the day. Or they might regret that they did get around to everyone, but then spent no quality time with anyone, or were not able to enjoy the day itself.

There are a few ways you can help yourself with this problem:

  • Invite fewer people. Once you get over 200 you are going to have a lot of trouble talking to everyone, so if this is important to you, maybe cull some numbers.
  • Give yourself some scheduled time to get around to all of your tables and stick to that. Then make sure that you spend time just being with your partner, or just watching things all by yourself.
  • Have a photo booth or video booth on the night, so people can leave memories of themselves for you to look back on.
  • In your bonbonniere, include a note from you apologising if you didn’t get to around to everyone, and thanking them for coming.
  • Have a breakfast the next day to make sure you do get a chance to have five minutes with everybody important.

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Not enjoying the moment

The biggest regret from our brides is that it all goes by just so fast, and they don’t get to enjoy the moment.

Schedule time on your day to be mindful; do this every couple of hours or so, or get someone to prompt you. Then spend a couple of minutes just looking around and drinking everything in; notice the individual faces of your guests, the sounds and smells of your day, what your partner is doing right at that moment, how you are feeling.

Breathe deeply and be in the moment and enjoy it. You will never regret that you took a moment, trust us.

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