Advantages to hiring a professional wedding photographer

If I’ve got loads of friends that are offering to take my wedding photo’s, what are the advantages of hiring a professional wedding photographer? Of course they can, but as Moira Nell from First Wedding Portraits in Perth says: “It’s like comparing a DIY hubby to an architect or electrician.”

Moira, who has been photographing weddings for many years, acknowledges that there are plenty of cost effective ways to capture photos on your wedding day, but that it may not always be the wisest option.

“It’s fantastic that the digital camera has created a wide range of possibilities for wedding couples and it’s great that you can get such a full coverage of your day with all your friends and family snapping away,” says Moira, “but be careful when deciding on whether to do away with a professional photographer and replace them with Uncle Joe or Cousin Sammy who usually “takes a good shot”.

Moira says that professional photographers have proper equipment (that can cost upwards of $6,000) rather than basic compact camera, and that many undergo at least a year of study in areas of photography, editing, exposure etc.

They also know what shots to get and the combination of their skill and equipment means you’re likely to get a far better (and more memorable) shot than those taken by happy snappers.

“This is your wedding day. It can never be redone, reposed or relived. If the photos are disappointing (which they may well be) not only will you feel robbed of your memories of your perfect day – complete with gorgeous dress, perfect hair and stunning make up – your family member will feel guilty and awkward about it too!”

Of course, there are plenty of great photographers who aren’t necessarily professional, but when making this very big decision, just keep the potential consequences in mind. Personally, I’d scrimp on other areas of my wedding and use that saved dough on a great wedding photographer, but then I do like a good photo!

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