Bridal shower gift ideas for the modern bride

Have an upcoming wedding and stuck on what to gift the bride at her bridal shower? Need the perfect shower gift? So, here’s 15 bridal shower gift ideas for the bride!

bridal shower gift ideas

Scented candle or a spa treatment

Traditionally, because the bridal shower was about offsetting the cost of a dowry, gifts of money and jewellery were given, as were presents to help the bride set up her marital home.

However, today, modern bridal showers are about the bride herself, so a gift like scented candles are both for the bride, but also for her home too! Or, you could go one better and book her into a luxury spa experience! A massage, facial or some time in the sauna might be exactly what she needs as a bridal shower gift!

A spa treatment is an ideal way to reduce pre-wedding stress. Look for home-based treatments or purchase a voucher for a day of pampering.

bridal shower gift ideas

Something thoughtful

Whilst a kitchen tea calls for gifts that are restricted to the boundaries of the kitchen, a bridal shower allows for a greater scope of gift varieties. A luxurious dressing gown to be used when the bride gets ready on the morning of her wedding is both a thoughtful and practical gift.

Have the pocket embroidered with her post wedding initials for an extra special touch!


Items such as lingerie and negligees are a modern choice for a bridal shower gift. They are considered somewhat ‘luxury items’ and are appropriate gifts in a modern context – and not to mention a far cry from bridal shower gifts of old! If you don’t know her size or taste, then why not buy her a voucher or a garter or some stay ups? Something her and her partner can enjoy!

bridal shower gift ideas

La Perla

Monthly subscription

Traditionally, the focus of a bridal shower was to supply the bride with items for her home, as well as advice about managing her household and well wishes for her future marriage.

A modern interpretation of this sentiment could be a monthly subscription to a magazine or club that suits the tastes of the bride is a thoughtful gift, and things like home, craft or fashion magazines are a great option for creative brides. This is truly the bridal shower gift that keeps on giving!


A recipe book or cocktail recipe book can is a great gift for a bride who loves to cook and entertain. Go a step further and even buy her a cocktail mixing kit, or some cute items to use at a dinner party such as cocktail or wine glasses!

Bed linen

Fresh bed linen is both practical and symbolic, as it represents a fresh start and new beginnings. Essentially the focus of a bridal shower was to supply the bride with items for her home, as well as advice and well wishes for her future marriage.

bridal shower gift ideas


Toiletries such as bubble bath or massage oils are always a bridal shower winner. Have these packaged in a beautiful basket for the bathroom?

Coffee table book

A coffee table book based on a topic the bride loves or a tasteful scrapbook that the couple can use to put photos of their honeymoon is are both considerate gift options.

Something to relax

A breakfast in bed serving tray and a breakfast recipe book is a sweet gift option to encourage the bride to enjoy her mornings and weekends in a relaxing manner. This is particularity great for a bride who is always very busy!

Delicious breakfast in bed

Couples activities

A couple’s activity voucher such as a dance class or unique experience is both thoughtful and fun. They can use it before the wedding to perfect their first dance, or save it for something special to do together once all the wedding planning and celebrations have concluded.

Something for the honeymoon

Honeymoon accessories such as a beach bag and towel or co-coordinating thongs and sarong will remind the bride to get packing before the wedding.

A few of her favourite things

A box filled with a few of her favourite things is a sweet gesture and easy to do. Items such as her favourite tea, flowers, soaps and chocolates are perfect a bridal shower gift! If you know the bride well, then this will be easy for you!

Woman holding a box with flowers and macaroon cookies


In a modern context, brides may have a bridal shower in lieu of a kitchen tea, or they may have both. Unlike a kitchen tea, which requires gifts for the kitchen, a modern bridal shower is centered around buying gifts for the bride herself, but can also be homewares and kitchen appliances if she wishes. Homewares can never go astray, especially items that suit the bride to be’s tastes. Ornamental objects like crystal candlesticks, vases or photo frames are timeless options.

Personalised present

Often, modern brides will create a gift registry which stipulates what gifts the bride needs or would desire, thus making the gift purchasing process much easier for attendees. However, if the bride to be in question has not done this, something sweet and thoughtful like personalised items such as coasters, a cheeseboard or doormat with her and her husband to be’s initials, are all fail-safe bridal shower gift ideas.

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