Bridal make up tips

At a recent wedding I attended the groom nearly fainted when he saw his fiancee walking down the aisle towards him. It wasn’t the fabulous dress or the perfect hair style that stunned him, but her wedding make-up. Being a natural sort of girl he’d never seen her in full make-up before and he couldn’t believe he was actually marrying someone that looked so beautiful.

Wedding make up

Here are ten make-up tips to help you create a similar effect on your wedding day.

  1. Have several trial runs of your bridal make-up, especially if you are doing it yourself, so you know how long it takes. You don’t want to find yourself rushing it on the day.
  2. When you are deciding on your make-up, bear in mind that it will have to last all day because you won’t want the hassle of reapplying it frequently. This applies particularly to lipstick. You will only want to reapply your lipstick for the photos so make sure your overall look is complete without it.
  3. When you are choosing your foundation remember that photographs will pick up the red and pink lines in the skin, so you will want yellow tones in your foundation to balance this. Setting your foundation with a yellow-toned loose face powder to make it last and give you a matt finish.
  4. Well groomed eyebrows can really finish your look so make time to have them professionally shaped a week or so before the wedding. If necessary have them tinted, or use a brow pencil to add a little definition.
  5. Bronzer is perfect for adding a healthy glow, although you may be flushed with happiness on the day anyway. It should be applied to the places you would naturally tan such as your forehead, nose and chest, as well as your cheek bones.Wedding Make Up
  6. If you are using blusher to highlight your cheek bones, you might want to consider a cream blush as it lasts longer than powder and can give your face a pretty shine in the right places.
  7. Try combining two or three shades of eye shadow, getting progressively darker as you move down towards the lash line. If you usually wear brown shades, try greys instead for a special bridal effect.
  8. Cream eye shadows are longer lasting than powders, and won’t fleck all over your foundation. Just be sure to try them out in advance as certain brands can be prone to creasing.
  9. Keep blotting papers handy on the day to get rid of shiny patches which might just spoil your wedding photos.
  10. Once you’ve achieved the desired look, relax and forget about it. This is your big day and the last thing you want to be worrying about is how your make-up looks. If you are concerned, chat to your maid of honour in advance and ask her to let you know if you need a retouch, otherwise just forget about your make-up and focus on enjoying yourself.

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