Bridal jewellery

So you’ve chosen your wedding photographer, the wedding dress, the flowers and a wedding hairstyle, but what about your bridal jewellery? There are so many choices when buying wedding jewellery, however there are some golden rules that should be applied, which will help you to narrow down your options.

Bridal Jewellery

Here are a few wedding accessory tips that will ensure you look absolutely gorgeous when walking down the aisle to say I Do!

Style of Wedding Dress

First and foremost – choose your gown first, then choose your bridal jewellery to complement it. Is the gown traditional, modern, simple and flowing, old-world or romantic? Your jewellery should reflect the look and feel you are going for. For example if you have a modern dress, try choosing accessories with a modern edge, a simple dress may mean that you can have fun your with your jewellery and consider a striking necklace and smaller earrings.

Match the type of sparkle in your gown with the sparkle in your bridal accessories. Use crystals with crystals, rhinestones with rhinestones and pearls with pearls. Look for a headpiece with similar detailing.Gold-tone or ivory pearl-accented tiaras are a good compliment to ivory/cream gowns, while silver-tone, rhinestone, and white pearl tiaras best compliment the tones of a white gown.

Remember, the big golden rule when choosing bridal jewellery is not to overdo it. If your dress is elaborate, try to keep the jewellery simpleĀ  and just go for an earring and bracelet set.

Neckline of Dress

The neckline of the dress is another thing to consider. Strapless gowns are very popular at the moment however they mean that a lot of skin will be visible. A gorgeous choker or elaborate necklace with drops can work really well at completing your look without detracting from the gown and will fill in more skin so that you don’t look too bare.

It is also wise to mirror the necklace with the neckline of the dress. ie. a V-shaped or sweet heart neck would look great with a V-shaped or Y-shaped necklace that comes down to a drop. For dresses with higher necklines, you may want to consider a more striking head-piece or tiara, or perhaps try some chandelier earrings.

Bridal Jewellery

Bridal Veil

Whether you are having a wedding veil or not will also help you decide on what jewellery and head-pieces/tiaras to choose.

If you are having a veil you need to decide if you want it placed high on you head or at the bottom of your head, for example above a low bun. If you are having a higher veil, you will most probably want a tiara placed in front of it to finish off the look. A lower placed veil looks gorgeous with a diamante combed tiara or floral headpiece sitting behind the veil.

If you decide not to go for a veil, then there are some fantastic alternatives around like fascinators with or without netting, diamante hairpins or a tiara on its own.

Bridal Hairstyle

Longer hair will give you more options with hairstyles and tiaras. Remember if you are having an up-style you will probably need a larger tiara to balance out the look.

If you have short hair you will want to decide on a lighter, more delicate tiara that will not require lots of pinning to hold it in place. Brides with shorter hair look best in headband styles or tiaras with a smaller shaped comb.

The colour of your hair is something to think about. Hair accessories with diamantes/crystals are more noticeable in darker hair whereas you will need a more solid piece if you have lighter hair.

Above all, the most important thing is feeling comfortable on your wedding day and so choose pieces that feel like you and that you can wear again. Don’t despair if you can’t find the jewellery you are looking for as you can also draw a sketch and get anything you like custom made.

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