Review: Beauty Booster supplements for better wedding skin

Beautiful skin is something we all wish for but can’t always achieve, and when it comes to your wedding day it’s definitely something worth thinking about.

When you’re paying for a gorgeous dress and getting your hair and makeup done, it’s nice to make sure that you’re also the best version of yourself, and the health of your skin is a big part of that. Your makeup will look gorgeous regardless, but think about how beautiful it will look if your skin is even more healthy and fresh.

So while I dealt with the denial that my wedding was officially over, I tried out the Beauty Booster facial skin supplements for my next wedding as a guest, to see whether I could achieve clearer skin with a bit more of a glow.

beauty boosters review

What are Beauty Boosters?

Beauty Boosters are a range of supplements that have been designed to focus on optimising the health of your skin, with added benefits for your hair and nails. The three different products in the range have different purposes, but the overall goal is to support your skin health with more nutrients. Particularly during the leadup to your wedding, which can be quite a stressful time and try to undo the good work you’ve already done!


Designed to be taken once a day, Collagen-C is filled with Vitamin C to boost the production of collagen. Collagen is a natural protein that helps the tissue connecting your tendons, ligaments, skin and muscles. It helps strengthen your skin and can also aid in skin hydration and elasticity. This is particularly good for those with older skin, as your body begins to produce less collagen as you get older.

Complexion Perfection

Complexion Perfection is designed to take more than once a day and consists of oils to give you more Omega 3, 6 and 9, which are good for your skin. It also contains evening primrose oil, which can be used to give the relief of dry and itchy skin conditions. This can helps you produce more of your natural oil, which is beneficial as opposed to trying to use other products to hydrate your skin.

Glow Getter

The third and final product in the set is designed to help with the health and repair of your skin, hair and nails. Glow Getter is also made up of collagen-boosting agents like Vitamin C, while also containing several antioxidants to help reduce the risk of cellular damage.

beauty boosters review

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What did I want to achieve?

Thanks to a mild obsession with Liv Tyler as a teen, I’ve cleansed, toned and moisturised my face every day for the past 15 years. But while my skin is generally pretty good, I’m not immune to spots from eating too much junk food, not drinking enough water, and generally living the lifestyle of someone who definitely calls being an adult ‘adulting’. There is definitely room for improvement.

I tend to have combination skin, so I can get too oily or too dry depending on what I put into my body. So I wanted to see whether Beauty Boosters would help level out my skin, clear up some of my spots, and give a bit more life to my skin when it can sometimes be a bit dull.

I’m also starting to get a few creases under my eyes because I have definitely not implemented eye cream into my daily treatments as regularly as I should!

beauty boosters review

My skin before the trial

My initial thoughts

I gave myself four weeks to try out the three Beauty Booster products to see how my skin would change over time.

The biggest change in the first week was the amount of natural oil my face began to produce. Thanks to the Complexion Perfection oils, I noticed that my face was more naturally oily than usual. As a result, I stopped my daily moisturising to avoid adding too many oils to my skin. The result was similar to if I had kept the moisturising routine up, though now I was using my natural oils rather than the ones from a bottle.

By the second week, my face was super soft to touch. It’s probably not appropriate to walk around to your walk colleagues saying “stroke my cheeks” out of context, but that’s definitely what I did. I wanted everyone to feel how soft my skin was getting!

Into the second and the third week I also noticed that the oils began to balance themselves out a bit more and by week three my skin started to get a bit more dimension. However, I had a couple of stressful days and did notice that I broke out a little bit. So while the supplements gave my skin an overall healthier look and helped clear the spots up faster, they didn’t prevent them from popping up in the first place.

beauty boosters review

The overall result

By the time the four weeks were up, I was pretty happy with how my trial had gone. Any spots I did have cleared up quicker than they would have thanks to the healthier oils, my skin felt softer and overall it looked healthier with much more of a glow. I also noticed that some of my pores had closed up a bit and my eye creases were less noticeable.

As a treatment, the three products were able to clear up my skin, make it healthier and also help reduce some lines. However, if I was to choose just one to keep going with it would be the Glow Getter, because I definitely think that antioxidants and Vitamin C are benefits that I need more of in everyday life and for my skin.

Of course, as with any supplement, make sure you chat with your healthcare professional first, check for allergies and give yourself a test. And with all self-care routines, a healthy diet, exercise and water are going to help you out.

But if you want a little bit more support before your big day, I’d be happy to recommend Beauty Boosters to help with your pre-wedding skincare routine. I would recommend giving them at least a month (if not a bit longer) to really have the full effect. That way your skin can get used to any extra oils you might be producing so that you can truly look like your best self when walking down the aisle.

beauty boosters review

My skin looked much more vibrant at the end of the trial (ignoring the sunburnt nose of course)

Read more beauty advice and tips leading up to your big day here. Or check out more about Beauty Boosters online.

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