10 thoughts while dating

We’ve all gone through these thoughts while dating, and whether or not we’ve now found the one- we can all relate.

thoughts while dating

The denial stage



How many wedding cars will you book for your wedding day?

…. hold up

Wait – someone… likes… ME??

Finger snap

NAH I don’t need them I’m an independent black sheep who don’t need no ram.

He just wants me for my BODAY.

Why am I not their #1 priority?

But seriously why hasn’t he texted me back??? It’s been 32.4 minutes.

The acceptance

Oh shit.

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Oh dear god no.

The crazy kicks in

Where was he last night at 11:24PM?

You’re in trouble

Does he even know WHO I AM?

Denial. Again.

Why would I care about some guy??


Let’s just get married I am obsessed.

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